Prainha Residencia Artistica engages in boatbuilding

A house of an artist that builds boats.

Prainha Residencia Artistica has a complete set of tools, equipment and knowledge for boat carpentry. Ricardo Ramalho, the residency curator, apart from being a contemporary artist is a boatbuilding enthusiast.

At the house there are many nautical books, boat plans to study and you may have stimulating conversations about the matter. Ricardo even represents the french boat designer Jérôme Delauney, sells his plans and is boatbuilding teacher. His boating page in Facebook has hundreds of fans https://www.facebook.com/estaleirooficina/.

The residency takes artists all year round but there is a special open call in winter at a low cost fee. Check the call link http://www.resartis.org/en/news/upcoming_deadlines/?id_content=4343 and the blog link http://prainharesidencia.blogspot.com.br/ 

Enjoy your art! Whatever that is! Have a good navigation.