Call for applications: das weisse haus for Graduates – a scholarship program for exhibition organizers

Scholarship program with a duration of five months for exhibition organizers at das weisse haus.

das weisse haus sees in the education and application of relevant content and practical skills an important task and has therefore launched a program, which encourages the education of young curators and exhibition producers. This can be realized with the generous support of Phileas – A Fund for Contemporary Art.

Time period  September 4, 2017 – January 31, 2018

Application deadline June 16, 2017

This is a scholarship with a duration of five months. You are involved in the exhibition program as well as in the studio and residency program. In addition to that, an own project has to be realized within that period in form of lectures, a symposium, talks or an innovative exhibition project outside the premises of das weisse haus (in public space, the internet...) with a budget of approximately EUR 500. Due to the small team of das weisse haus, it is possible to gain insight into all domains. In addition to the curatorial work the organization and administrative tasks like press relations, supervision of social media channels and website, support of the setting up and art education are important components of the program – a hands-on experience. As a bonus, the participant is able attend at all events that are organized for the Artists in Residence (such as trips to Linz, Graz, Bratislava or Krems – with guided exhibition visits by curators). Thereby the participant is given the chance to increase his/her network. Das weisse haus for Graduates provides an extensive insight into various tasks and structures of a young cultural institution.  The cooperation enables an intercultural exchange with local and international artists and curators. Regular meetings with mentors who are working in Vienna will be a part of the program as well.

Scholarship  The grant receives a scholarship of 5,000 Euros. Insurance, travel and accommodation costs must be paid by the participant.

Target group  The five-month program addresses students, which have almost finished their studies or have graduated within the past three years. Part of the program is the realization of an own project at das weisse haus. We look specifically for applicants with a large self-commitment, responsible behavior and pleasure to work with a small team and also with young artists. We are looking for applicants with excellent German and English language skills. 

Application  Please read the program of das weisse haus and studio das weisse haus and all informations about das weisse haus for Graduates Program carefully.

Necessary documents for the application are:
1. A fully completed application form
2. Motivation letter (max. 1 Din A4)
3. CV
4. project proposal, which is to be developed and realized during the 5 months-period in collaboration with the team of das weisse haus. (max. 1 Din A4)- the project could be adapted within the scholarship period.
5. Please indicate at least one reference: name, email address, phone number.

You can find the application form at our website: www.dasweissehaus.at

Submit your complete application (max. 5 MB) to buero@dasweissehaus.at until June 16, 2017.
Too late submitted and incomplete applications will not be included in the selection process.

The interviews for the second period of the program (September 4, 2017 – January 31, 2018) will take place between June 21 – June 23, 2017 and the trial period (3 days) between June 26 - July 8, 2017. The participants of the trial period will be informed on June 24, 2017.

Thanks to
das weisse haus for Graduates is enabled through the generous support of Phileas – A Fund of Contemporary Art.
 is an independent philanthropic organization based in Vienna that raises private funding to support contemporary art. Phileas brings together artists, collectors, museums and biennials, collaborating with them to enable the production, exhibition and acquisition of art. Phileas focuses primarily on two types of projects: the commission and the production of exhibitions by Austrian artists abroad or by international artists in Austria. Phileas actively involves its members in its activities, inviting them to accompany each step of a project’s development from studio to exhibition to acquisition.


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