Spanish courses for artists.

Spanish courses for artists in an art residence in a rural house, near Barcelona.

Spanish among contemporary art
Live with artists, immerse yourself in contemporary creation and visit the galleries, museums and creative centers of our environment and Barcelona and learn Spanish at the same time. We offer intensive programs to be surrounded by art and taking Spanish classes from the beginner level. You can work on your own work and discipline or just live with the artists and improve your knowledge about the world of contemporary art.


  • Learn Spanish (Begin at level A1)
  • Know the local culture
  • Visiting galleries, museums and creative centers
  • Develop your artistic skills, knowledge about art, or focus on your own work.
  • Final presentation of the work done if this is the case


  • Single room and one-month course – € 875
  • Double room and one-month course – € 975
  • Single room and two-week course – € 475
  • Double room and two-week course – € 575

Send personal data and month of preference to info@hannacc.com 

Spanish courses for artists.


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