Open Studio / PILOTENKUECHE International Group Exhibit

We invite you to one of our upcoming events, which will present the ongoing work of the 33rd.

We wish to invite you to one of our upcoming events, which will present the ongoing work of the 33rd round:
The upcoming preview of our most recent residents from the UK, Canada, Israel, Korea, China, Slovakia, the US, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands, will present ongoing work after one month spent at the residency. This round of artists has a particular interest in painting, installation, print media, found objects and performance.
On 04.11.17, the second day of the Open Studios, we would like to invite the public to participate in an open discussion about the process of our current residents. The "Work in Dialogue" talks begin at 14:00h.
The "Open Studio” event is a preview for the final presentation, taking place on December 16th of 2017. It aims to share the research and production that has continued at the new site of Pilotenkueche. It is our goal to trigger and to develop a dialogue, to propel a participative mandate between enthusiasts & artists.
Our opening hours, in conjunction with the Open Studio event of Franz Flemming, are::
Open: 03.11.17 18:00h - 22:00
04.11.17 11:00h - 21:00 // 14:00 Work In Dialogue : Talks
Location: PILOTENKUECHE, 2nd Floor, Franz-Flemmingstr. 9, D-04179 Leipzig
Part of: https://www.facebook.com/events/753596254833541/

International Residents
Ali Glover (Sculpture, Installation; London, UK)
Web: https://www.aliglover.com/

Guillaume Côté Roux (Sculpture, Photography; Québec, Canada)
Web: -

Guy Eytan (Performance, Video, Sculpture; Tel Aviv, Israel)
Web: http://guyeytan.com/

Hwi Hahm (Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting; New York, USA, Korea)
Web: http://hwihahm.com/

Jiangliu Dong (Sound, Video, Installation; Jinan, China)
Web: https://www.jiangliuart.com/

Lenka Lukacovicova (Photography, Performance, Installation; Bratislava, Slovakia)
Web: http://www.lenkalukacovicova.sk/

Morgan Buck (Mixed Media, Painting, Photography; Portland, USA)
Web: http://www.morganbuck.net/

Olivia Malena Vidal (Photography, Painting; Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Web: http://oliviamalenavidal.com/

Paula Fraile (Painting, Printmaking, Video; Guadalajara, Spain)
Web: http://paulafraile.com/

Peter Cvik (Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting; Bratislava, Slovakia)
Web: https://www.works.io/peter-cvik

Romain Tallet (Conceptual, Installation, Performance, Sound, Video; Koekelberg, Belgium, France)
Web: http://talletromain.com/

Zishi Han (Installation, Video, Digital; London, UK, China)
Web: https://www.zishihan.com/

Local participants
Martin Schuster (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Web: http://martin-schuster.org/

Sébastien Kauffmann (Photography, Installation; Colmar, France; Leipzig, Germany)
Web: -

Clara Sjölin (London, UK)
Renin Zeynep Simsek (Halle, Germany)
The PILOTENKUECHE art program is an independent project, open to artists of all nationalities. The common goal of the final group exhibition leads to intensive dialogue about individual ideas and practices, and binds each artist temporarily into a group, leading to a long term network that exists even after the residency is over.

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