Notes from the field

Notes from the field is our space to refer to various notes recorded by interesting voices from the residency field.

Here you will find the perspectives of individuals, like cultural workers, managers and curators involved in the running, managing or assisting of an artist residency. The writers reflect on a specific phenomenon happening in the world of artist residencies or share their thoughts on an interesting event they attended that sparked a notable thought process for them.

These Notes from the field have the objective to share personal perspectives of current artist residency related events and bring them closer to the reader.

Rimbun Dahan – Res Artis Meeting of Southeast Asian Arts Residencies

[November 2016] Syar S. Alia

For more than 20 years, Rimbun Dahan has offered residencies for artists from Malaysia and Australia, expanding in recent years from a pure focus on visual arts to writing, curatorial research, choreography and other art forms as well as turning to supporting artists from the Southeast Asian region. With not much widespread or accessible support for the arts in Southeast Asia (compared to other countries) in the form of sustainable funding, institutional support and spaces for art, investing in our own backyard felt crucial. Read more

Mapping Mobility in Melbourne

[June 2014] By Kira Simon-Kennedy

Melbourne became a veritable whirlwind of arts events for a week in May, hosting city-wide happenings like Next Wave, IETM, the Melbourne International Jazz Festival and the inaugural Asia-Australia-Europe Creative Residency Network meeting, all at the same time. City-wide art projects, like scent-based installations in public bathrooms all over town, surprised us all through our stay as we stumbled upon multisensory performances almost by happenstance. Read more

Connecting the dots. Backwards.

[March 2014] By Alvaro de Salvo

A close look at three interesting arts residencies to discover what makes them unique, successful, and sustainable. During 2005, Steve Jobs delivered his commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University. In this opportunity he shared stories about his own life and alleged that a person, can't connect the dots looking forward, and that these can only be connected looking backwards. The metaphor was intended to transmit the idea of faith and confidence, believing that the dots will connect down the road, as one moves forward in life and despite all apparent odds. Read more

Engaging Minds, from Boston to the world!

[October 2013] By Karol Frühauf
During October 2013, TCE offered its fourth conference, under the theme of “Engaging Minds”. This was a four-day event bringing together curators, galleries, funders, critics, artist-in-residency directors and artists from around the world for a unique cross-disciplinary platform to network, showcase, support and promote artists' work.Together with Mario Caro (President of Res Artis) we were invited to participate in diverse sessions and activities. Read more

Rallying in Rome for Cultural Resilience

[October 2013] By Lillian Fellmann.

Culture Action Europe held its 21st Annual General Meeting on Oct 13 in an atmospheric former slaughter house in Rome. And defeated we got, but in the best way imaginable. We got reminded of what we knew all along. This is not a crisis – it is a transition, and it is culture alone that has the potential to lead the way into the new world order. Read more

Fukutake House Asia Art Platform, Setouchi Triennale

[September 2013] by Eliza Roberts.

Along with six Asian arts residency centres, Asialink Arts, Australia was invited to participate in the Fukutake House Asia Art Platform, Setouchi Triennale, Japan. In an abandoned elementary school on the island of Shodoshima, each country used art and food to address how they are confronting the homogenising wave of globalisation, while drawing comparisons to the local situation. This innovative platform involved a residency for the Asian arts residency centres with their selected artists; an exhibition; chef workshop; and symposium. Read more

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