2012 September Res Artis Newsletter

Res Artis General Meeting 2012 – Tokyo!

The General Meeting of Res Artis will be held from October 25th until the 28th in Tokyo, Japan.

We are pleased to announce that a two-day excursion to the Tohoku area, the site of the disastrous earthquake and tsunami of 3/11, has been organized by Tokyo Wonder Site, our hosts for our General Meeting. The dates are October 29th and 30th.

For more information and an application form, please
visit the conference website

Also, please note that the online registration will close on September 23rd.

Organic Collaborations – when creative residents meet

Artists, working in close proximity, in a new place, with time for discussions, shared meals and explorations; residencies are often breeding grounds for spontaneous collaborations, among the residents themselves or with members of the local community.

Here are two examples:

  • Babayan Culture House AiR (Dutch Foundation), with a residency in Cappadocia, Turkey, had Netherlands artists Susan de Kruiff and Paul Wiegerinck working in residency in 2008. They were introduced to each other while at the residency and they created and presented a video / installation project titled “Water as a Life Line” in Turkey. The project was based on the lack-of-water issue in the Cappadocian region. The artists did research both in the Netherlands and in Turkey to develop their ideas. They presented the video / installation at the 3rd International FabrikArtGrup Contemporary Arts Festival' in Mustafapasa Cappadocia 2008 and later on in The Netherlands.

    Because the project was based on the mutual interest of the artists, and the shared theme of water, the results were both high quality and very inspiring. Babayan Culture House AiR encourages these kinds of environmental collaboration projects.

    You can see videos of the 3rd International FabrikArtGrup Contemporary Arts Festival', Mustafapasa 2008 here:

    'Water as a Life Line' video installation for the Netherlands Pavilion
    Interview with the Dutch artists within the Netherlands Pavilion


  • Sasha Dees, the curator at Open Atelier Zuidoost – Artists in Residency (OAZO-AIR), sees herself very much as not only a curator of projects and works but also as a curator of people and energies for the residency program. She says:

    “I like to contribute at the root, in a natural non-invasive way, by adding or enhancing to what’s already there and will benefit “the bigger picture” with longevity and international allure, elevating the artists, arts organisations and the community."

    One of the examples of a collaboration that came out of the residency  is past resident (June 2011) Sharif Simmons and OAZO local artist Heike Tjepkema and FATFORM.  Heike and Sharrif are now in post production for a documentary on spoken word, which will premiere in 2013.”

Left: Water as a Life Line installation at Babayan Culture House AiR -
Middle, Right: Presentation of the spoken word documentary by Tjepkema &  Simmons at Fatform @ Kraaienest Rooftop in Amsterdam Zuidoost_


Res Artis Office Relocation

We are pleased to announce that we have moved into a new office! The new Res Artis office is located within the Rijksakademie building, one of Res Artis’ founding members.

The new office contact and visiting address is:

Sarphatistraat 470
1018 GW Amsterdam
The Netherlands

We welcome all of our friends, old and new, to visit us in our new office.
You can now reach us at the following new phone number: 0031 617135449 We have the same website www.resartis.org and email office@resartis.org

We would especially like to thank our friends Trans Artists for their hospitality, company and collaboration for the last six years while sharing an office at the Smart Project Space building. We leave carrying with us many good souvenirs and memories, and looking forward to welcoming them to our new office for a coffee.

Thank you all!
The Res Artis Team


New Residency: K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence


  • Where is it?
    K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence benefits from its location at the very edge of Schengen border in a town which aims to transform itself from a post-industrial to a creative one.
  • What is it?
    In the frame of “European Capital of Culture” the NGO “Kosice 2013” develops an international artist-in-residence program for emerging artists from all over the world and out of all artistic disciplines and expressions. We give them the possibility to become a cultural pioneer and work in the inspiring environment of Košice’s singular cultural surrounding to realize art projects, collaborate with the agile local art scene and present themselves to the local and national public.
  • Whats going on now?
    In summer 2012 we host four artists from Moldova, Germany, Argentina and the Netherlands. They work in different fields ranging from comics and animation to art in public space or wood installations. At the same time two East Slovakian artists are abroad in Germany and in Moldova.
  • www.kair.sk
  • K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence on the Res Artis webpage