Res Artis Newsletter Archive


  • Extended early bird registrations for the Res Artis Meeting in Lapland
  • Celebrate 25 years with us
  • Res Artis at Australian Performing Arts Market
  • Res Artis at TransCultural Exchange’s International Conference
  • Interview with Ehsan Rasoulof, office sponsor, Res Artis branch Tehran
  • Group show exhibition in Res Artis office and project space in Melbourne
  • Open consultation – What would be the ideal European Mobility Fund for Arts and Culture for you?
  • Latest Upcoming Deadlines
  • Become a member of Res Artis


  • Res Artis Meeting Copenhagen, October 2017
  • Update on the Res Artis Meeting in Lapland
  • Maryam Bagheri (Iran) appointed new MENASA Cluster Coordinator of Res Artis in our brand new office in Tehran
  • Inaugural Meeting of the European Networks Communication Group
  • On The Move releases new funding guides
  • Res Artis is partnering with Artists at Risk Connection (ARC)
  • How to strengthen and maintain networks- An article by Arts Professional
  • Become a member of Res Artis
  • Registration for the Res Artis Meeting in Lapland is open!
  • Update on the Res Artis Meeting in Copenhagen
  • Introducing four new Res Artis Board Members
  • Res Artis launches satellite office in Australia with exhibition New Bearings
  • Res Artis introduces Advertising!
  • Call out for a Communication Intern (based in Amsterdam)
  • IETM Handbook on how to assess your artistic organisation
  • Latest Upcoming Deadlines
  • New Members
  • Registration for the Res Artis Meeting in Copenhagen now open!
  • Apply now to become a Res Artis Board Member 2017–19
  • Res Artis launches new office in Melbourne, Australia
  • Res Artis at TEH Conference – Culture and Sharing Communities
  • Res Artis at Denkfest
  • Res Artis Meeting Tehran – Meeting Catalogue
  • How to Host a Performing Arts Residency – ARTERI article featuring Res Artis
  • New Members
  • Become a volunteer translator for Res Artis
  • Res Artis Meeting Tehran, November 2016
  • Res Artis now on Instagram!
  • Eliza Roberts (Australia) appointed inaugural Executive Director of Res Artis
  • Lea O’Loughlin appointed new Vice-President of the Board of Res Artis
  • Res Artis participated in panel session on Networks, Artists in Residencies and Cultural Exchanges, Malta
  • Res Artis attended Culture Action Europe (CAE) conference Beyond the Obvious
  • RES
  • Notes from the field – Res Artis Meeting of Southeast Asian Arts Residencies
  • ARTERI interview featuring Res Artis
  • What's up with Taiwan? Podcast
  • Latest Upcoming Deadlines


  • Registration for the Res Artis Meeting in Tehran is open!
  • Res Artis Meeting of Southeast Asian Arts Residencies
  • Goodbye from Mark Vennegoor - Res Artis Director
  • D'Art 49: International Culture Networks
  • Latest News
  • Latest Upcoming Deadlines
  • New Members
  • Res Artis welcomes three new Board Members
  • Res Artis Definition of 'Artist Residencies’
  • Tilting Axis 2: Caribbean Strategies
  • Member Spotlight
  • Cause of “Death”: Lack of Vital Information
  • Res Artis attended On the Move General Assembly
  • European Alliance for Culture and the Arts
  • Cultural Base
  • Latest Upcoming Deadlines
  • New Members
  • The Value of International Cultural Networks
  • THRIVE – Networking Culture Leaders
  • Last Residencies for Sa Taronja in Mallorca?
  • Tandem Turkey
  • Mobility funding opportunities – Africa
  • Latest Upcoming Deadlines
  • Become a volunteer translator for Res Artis


  • Res Artis Strategy Meeting 2015
  • News from the Res Artis Board
  • More inclusive Membership categories and fees
  • Res Artis Artist Residency Handbook
  • Member Spotlight
  • Cultural Base Workshop Barcelona
  • Res Artis Awards 2015 in São Paulo and Milan
  • Help us to achieve greater impact in 2016!
  • Tilting Axis: Within and Beyond the Caribbean – February 2015
  • Res Artis Awards
  • The second edition of Mapping Residencies is available
  • Funding sources – Call for action
  • Key speech Victor Misiano online: "What resides in your trauma?"
  • Improving our social media performance
  • Res Artis Calendar
  • AIR Array 2015 – March 2015
  • New members this year
  • Latest News
  • Check out our updated library section


  • Res Artis Regional Meeting in Vilnius and Nida (2-5 October in Lithuania)
  • Call for Participation: “Locating the Caribbean”
  • Goodbye from Alvaro de Salvo (Res Artis Communication Manager)
  • Updates on our last meeting in Melbourne
  • Res Artis External Meetings
  • New positions in the Res Artis Board
  • Register for the Res Artis Regional Meeting in Vilnius and Nida 2014
  • New section! External Meetings Reports
  • Notes from the field: Mapping Mobility in Melbourne.
  • Get to know some of the latest artist residencies that joined Res Artis!
  • Stay in the loop
  • Registration for the Res Artis Regional Meeting in Vinius and Nida 2014 is now open!
  • Res Artis is pleased to announce its first ResSupport fellowship of 2014!
  • The Asia Australia Europe Creative Residency Network was born!
  • Presenting an updated Funding section, now ordered by regions!
  • New Members This Year
  • Are you active on LinkedIn and Twitter? Connect with Res Artis!
  • Latest Upcoming Deadlines
  • What are we working on? Keep up to date!
  • New Members - February and March.
  • We are updating our Library. New Funding opportunities for Asia, North America and Europe. 
  • Connecting the dots. Backwards.
  • Upcoming Deadlines.
  • Become a Res Artis Member
  • The year of the horse
  • Looking back. Jumping into the future.
  • New section! What are we working on?
  • Res Artis welcomes 3 new Board Members!
  • New members of 2014!
  • Latest upcoming deadlines


  • Happy New Year from Res Artis!
  • Help us to create greater impact in 2014
  • Res Artis Awards at Videobrasil
  • Res Artis is about to present the Res Artis Residency Handbook.
  • Res Connect welcomes At Home Gallery, its first recipient member
  • Artist mobility and residency programmes: Opportunities and Challenges.
  • Featured Members
  • Upcoming deadlines
  • ResSupport Fellowships for professional development.
  • Res Artis launched Res Connect, an initiative to generate a more inclusive network.
  • Notes from the field – Eliza Roberts (Art residencies manager of Asialink and Board Member of Res Artis)
  • 90 new exciting residency programs joined us in 2013!
  • Res Artis needs your help! Consider making a donation to encourage our efforts!
  • Keep an eye on…
  • Save the date: May 11-15, 2014
    Thematic meeting: Social Practice and Artist Residencie
  • Res Connect: a new Res Artis initiative!
  • Visa & Mobility: Res Artis advocates through its activities
  • Res Artis is at International Opportunities in the Arts: Engaging Minds
  • Res Artis Mapping: new partnership with China Residencies
  • Res Artis office warming
  • Suggested Readings
  • Res Artis has become member of On the Move.
  • Upcoming deadlines
March Newsletter
  • 20th anniversary year!
  • 1993-2013 What an incredible journey!
  • Save the date: May 11-15, 2014
    Thematic meeting: Social Practice and Artist Residencies
  • Open call > Two internship positions in Amsterdam
  • Thank you for your feedback > New website features
  • Meet some of the new 2013 members of our Network
  • Upcoming deadlines
January Newsletter
  • 2013: Res Artis’s 20th anniversary year!
  • 2012 overview
  • We want to know what you think
  • Thanks to our interns and volunteer translators
  • Upcoming deadlines


November Newsletter
  • Res Artis General Meeting 2012 – Tokyo, Japan
  • Residencies in Turkey
    self-sufficient spaces, innovative initiatives
  • Res Artis Welcomes Three New Board Members
  • Goodbye, from Julie Upmeyer, Res Artis website editor
  • New Residency : D'CLINIC studios, Slovenia
  • New Residency : LAC Laboratorio de Arte Chapultepec, Mexico
September Newsletter
  • Res Artis General Meeting 2012 – Tokyo!
  • Organic Collaborations – when creative residents meet
  • Res Artis Office Relocation
  • New Residency: K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence
July Newsletter
  • Res Artis General Meeting 2012 – Tokyo!
  • The EU Platform ‘Access to Culture’ – Res Artis represents visa/mobility issues
  • Our Regional Meeting in Vienna - May 2-5, 2012
  • Res Artis Interns
  • Acme Studios Launches Publication, marking 25 years of international artist residencies in London
  • New Residency: Cherrycake Studios 
May Newsletter
  • New 'Just us Members' Facebook Group
  • ResSupport Fellowships – Colombia to Germany, Peru/Brazil to USA
  • Crisis? Greek Residencies tell their story
  • Assessing Assessment: The First In a Series of Meetings on Assessment and Residencies
  • Variations: Residencies with exhibitions II
    The case of ONDARTE, Mexico
  • New Residency: index-residency-atelier, Switzerland
March Newsletter
  • Registration now open! Res Artis Regional meeting in Vienna
  • Working in the field of artist-residencies?  Not yet a member of Res Artis?
  • Variations: Residencies with exhibitions
    The case of the Hungarian Multicultural Center (HMC), Hungary
  • New Residency: Listhús Artist Residency Program, Iceland
  • New Residency: Galeria In The Garden, Bulgaria
February Newsletter
  • 2011, a busy year for Res Artis
  • Res Artis Regional meeting in Vienna
  • Variations: Residencies but once a year


November Newsletter
  • Res Artis Regional Meeting in Vienna, Austria
  • Call for Contribution, Res Artis Vienna Meeting
  • Variations : Alternative Residency Structures, Making Art at 14,000 feet in the sky
  • RE-tooling RESIDENCIES. A closer Look at the Mobility of Art Professionals Publication
  • New Residency: Campos de Gutiérrez, Medellín, Colombia
  • Meet our Emerging Members
September Newsletter
  • Res Artis in Numbers
  • The ResSupport Fellowship
  • The PAiR Initiative – Performing Arts in Residence, Questionnaire
  • RE-tooling RESIDENCIES. A closer Look at the Mobility of Art Professionals
  • New Residency: House of Ni, France
July Newsletter
  • Res Artis General Meeting - 2012
  • Upon the Moments of Possibility, a message from Leena Vuotovesi
  • Res Artis Regional Meeting in Hungary, just finished
  • The ResArtis office in Amsterdam is growing!
  • Variations – innovative residency structures
  • New Residency: Dar Al-Ma'mûn, Morocco
May Newsletter
  • On the future of Artist Residency Network after 3.11
  • Updates from Res Artis Members in Japan
  • Case Study: Moving Forward - How the Japanese art world is responding
  • A call for job announcements
  • Mapping Latin America
  • Res Artis at the Transcultural Exchange Conference
  • New Residency: Arna, Sweden
March Newsletter
  • Join us in Hungary! – Res Artis regional meeting in Debrecen, May 23-26
  • What's Happening in Hungary?
  • Thank you Website and Newsletter Translators!
  • What’s new in the member’s section?
  • New Residency: Medea Electronique Koumaria Residency
  • New Residency: ISIS Arts studios
January Newsletter
  • Call for Participation Join us in Lima!
  • New Res Artis Website
  • Goodbyes and new beginnings, a letter from Irene Saddal, Res Artis project manager
  • The ‘PAiR’ Initiative - Performing Arts in Residence
  • Cooperation Case Study : Fokus Korea – the Berlin-Seoul Korean Performing Arts Residency Program
  • New Residency: Ateliers Topaz, Canada
  • New Residency: Spark Box Studio, Canada