2012 March Res Artis Newsletter

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Res Artis Regional Meeting in Vienna, Austria

May 2-5, 2012
Res Artis continues its engagement in Central and Eastern Europe with its third Regional Meeting in this area. In Vienna and with KulturKontakt as a partner, Res Artis aims to further the dialogue on how to build a sustainable civil society in Europe and across national borders.

The theme of the conference will be Gates and Bridges. Since the iron curtain between West and East Europe vanished, Vienna became the economic gate to CEE and the entry point to a world that was previously more or less inaccessible for West Europe.

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Variations: Residencies with exhibitions
The case of the Hungarian Multicultural Center (HMC), Hungary

  • How are the exhibitions curated?
    The HMC organizes 2-3 exhibitions a year for residents, in Budapest and in the country-side. The exhibitions take place in professional galleries, with information about the artists, including artist's statement in English and Hungarian.
  • What, do you see, is the advantage of having an exhibition as part of a residency period?
    Along with the exhibition opening, we organise an opening speech by an art historian, also inviting collectors, artists, art professionals, and critics to the event, talking with the artists themselves and seeing their artworks first-hand. The AIR/HMC, Budapest exhibitions receive very good publicity, in the newspapers, radio and TV, giving the artists concrete results to their time in Budapest.
  • What are the difficulties?
    Besides the work to organize the exhibitions; preparation, installation, storage, packing and all other work associated with large exhibitions, the cost of the invitation cards, posters, postage and the opening reception has lately become a difficulty for us.
  • Quote from a resident artist at HMC:
    “During the residency, I created a new series of seven small-scale paintings. I also, exhibited in a group show at the Congress Centre in Balatonfured with other artists who had resided at the HMC. Although, a number of the exhibiting artists could not attend due to returning home, the exhibition was well attended and a number of artists including myself, sold work. At the end of the residency, artists donate one piece of work to the HMC’s collection and the following year, the donated works are included in several group exhibitions in Budapest.”
    by Kit Kingsbury, UK
  • www.hungarian-multicultural-center.com


New Residency: Listhús Artist Residency Program, Iceland

  • Where is it?
    Listhús í Fjallabyggð is located at Ólafsfjördur of Fjallabyggð in North Iceland, 415 km from Reykjavik and 61 km from Akureyri.
  • What is it?
    It is a multi-function art house providing an ideal space for people seeking an artist residency, an art studio, inspiration from nature, and/or exhibition hall.
  • What’s going on now?
    The Listhús Artist Residency Program is a new development, widely seeking opportunities for international exchange and interaction with locals.
    Current artist-in-resident Marijke Appelman is arranging a series of workshops with junior college students and is organising an art exhibition in our gallery.
  • Listhús on the Res Artis website
  • www.listhus.com

New Residency: Galeria In The Garden, Bulgaria

  • Where is it?
    Galeria In The Garden is located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – one of the oldest cities in the world. It situated on a 19th century farm, retaining this unique atmosphere, the residency is surrounded with 2,500m2 of green landscaped open space.
  • What is it?
    Galeria in The Garden offers residencies to artists of all disciplines, individuals and small groups, established and young artists of all kinds looking for an inspiring natural environment for their projects.
  • Whats going on now?
    Our gallery space is available for many kinds of exhibits and events, providing networking possibilities to help participants enter the rich cultural scene of the city, or simply to enjoy the privacy of the idyllic atmosphere in the luxury garden.
  • Galeria In The Garden on the Res Artis website
  • www.galeria.sku.to