2013 December Res Artis Newsletter

Happy New Year from Res Artis!

2013 was an extraordinary year for Res Artis!
Looking back at all of the new members and partners we’ve met, and all of the new relationships and projects that have developed, we can only envision lots of excitement for the upcoming year!

Res Artis wants to wish all of its members, associates and collaborators the very best in 2014. We are sure that continuing to work together in this way will allow the residency field to continue to thrive.

We would also like to extend warm wishes to the thousands of artists, curators, cultural workers and all manner of creative people that follow and benefit from our activities daily.
All the best for 2014! Encounter the world in residencies!
Mario A. Caro
President of Res Artis
Help us to create greater impact in 2014

With over 2,000 residencies worldwide and growing, Res Artis needs to respond in kind! For us to do what we do best, we depend on donations from people like you: Visionaries!
Currently, Res Artis offers support for more than 480 residencies in over 70 countries to start-up, grow and sustain their programs. In our 20th anniversary year, we need to increase our capacity to further develop our programs and services so artist residencies around the world can continue flourishing.

Res Artis is committed to the development of new artist residencies, particularly in under-represented areas. We create contacts, exchanges, and collaborations between artist residencies and provide a platform for sharing insights, experiences, and ideas.

Here’s how you can help!  Consider making a donation to Res Artis!