2013 September Res Artis Newsletter

ResSupport Fellowships for professional development

ResSupport Fellowship
is the Res Artis member mentorship program that connects residencies and provides first-hand insights into the management and sustainability of an artist residency. As part of the program, a staff member or employee of one of our members is invited to visit and spend time with its partnered residency within our network. This program is an opportunity for professional development that gives participants the chance to learn how established spaces solve issues and adapt to changes, in a different cultural context. If you are running a residency program and looking to skill up, consider becoming a member and applying for a ResSupport Fellowship! Application deadline: October 15th, 2013.


Res Artis launched Res Connect, an initiative to generate a more inclusive network

Res Artis wants to be all inclusive; therefore, we started the Res Connect initiative, where Res Artis members act as donors who pay the membership fee for an emerging residency program that does not have sufficient financial means to join our network.

Do you know a residency program in your region that would benefit from joining our network?

Invite them to apply to Res Connect here!

Setouchi Triennale (Japan)– by Eliza Roberts (Art residencies manager at Asialink and Board Member of Res Artis)

Along with six Asian arts residency centres, Asialink Arts, Australia was invited to participate in the Fukutake House Asia Art Platform, Setouchi Triennale, Japan.

In an abandoned elementary school on the island of Shodoshima, each country used art and food to address how they are confronting the homogenising wave of globalisation, while drawing comparisons to the local situation. This innovative platform involved a residency for the Asian arts residency centres with their selected artists; an exhibition; chef workshop; and symposium. Read more about this interesting note from the field.

90 new exciting residency programs joined us in 2013!

Res Artis members are truly diverse – from large arts organizations to grass roots ones; from urban centres to rural outposts; from short-term residencies to one year experiences. Despite their apparent differences, our members share the common goal of sustaining, promoting and generating a footprint in their local communities while leveraging international relationships within our network. We want you to meet some of the 90 new residency programs that joined our community this year. These highlight some of the many interesting and innovative ways our members are strengthening their communities through the arts while creating a more inclusive Res Artis community.

Read more about some of these inspiring places here.


Res Artis needs your help! Consider making a donation to encourage our efforts!

Res Artis is an independent network run by the time, effort and vision of its part-time staff, voluntary board of directors and interns. For all our operations we depend on membership contributions, donations, sponsorship and grants. Over the past 20 years, we have been a resource for hundreds of residency spaces all over the globe. Thousands of artists and cultural professionals daily benefit from our meetings, workshops and online resources.

We need your help to keep moving forward. Res Artis will recognize you for your generosity as a supporter on our website and in the upcoming newsletter as well.

Internship program > Support the travel cost of our interns. 10 euros will help cover the train tickets for one of our interns for a day. Donate now!

Res Artis Mapping > Help us to map the world of residencies. 40 euros will cover the cost of 3 hours of a researcher to include 10 residencies in our map. Donate now!

Res Connect >
Res Artis wants to be all inclusive within its membership. Through Res Connect you can pay the membership fee of 75 euros for an emerging residency program without sufficient financial means to join our network. Donate now!

Without the continued support of generous donors like you, these needs will likely go unmet.

Please look into our Donate to Res Artis page to find out other ways in which you can support us!

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