2014 January Res Artis Newsletter

The year of the horse.

We anticipate 2014, the year of the horse, to continue to build on the momentum we initiated last year. And we begin at full gallop. We are working on a variety of opportunities to meet face-to-face with our members as well as continuing to develop the robust programs we built up last year.

We will soon provide you with exciting updates on our Mapping the World of Residencies project. And, of course, we anticipate a reinvigoration of our leadership with new additions to our board. On the strength of our accomplishments last year, we keep our eyes looking forward to what this year has in store for us, a view we hope you’ll share with us.

Mario A. Caro
President of Res Artis

Looking back. Jumping into the future.

2013 was an extraordinary year for Res Artis! Looking back at all of the new members and partners we’ve met, and all of the new relationships and projects that have developed, we can only envision lots of excitement for the upcoming year! We invite you to read our 2013 overview and get a sense of what will happen during 2014!

Look at the Res Artis 2013 overview.

New section! What are we working on?

The Res Artis Board and staff are working on a number of key needs in response to sector requests in order to further develop the residency field and keep moving forward.

Although you sometimes may not see all the work done by our organisation, our partners, members and many other friend organisations, the "What we are currently working on" bulletins are the best way of keeping up to date with Res Artis Meetings, Projects, Membership and the development of the residency field.

These bulletins should help you understand our priorities as a network on a month-by-month basis.  Over time, they will provide you with a long-term vision of where we are heading. Please use these bulletins as a platform for fruitful dialogue and mutual cooperation.

Check out what we are working on during January and what will happen in February.

Res Artis Welcomes Three New Board MembersRes Artis would like to warmly welcome three new members to the Res Artis Board of Directors.

Crystal Ruth Bell - China Residencies (United States/China)
Lea o' Loughlin - Acme Studios (United Kingdom)
Jean-Yves Coffre - CAMAC (France)

We are sure that their incorporation will bring lots of exciting developments within our network.

Get to know more about their backgrounds and expertise here.

New members of 2014 

2014 is going to be a promising year for the residency field. With lots of interesting and different opportunities out there, many organisations are joining Res Artis to skill up, actively participate and connect with other programs, partners and funders and to be represented within the residency sector.

Have a look at some of the latest residency programs that have joined our network this year.


Latest Upcoming Deadlines

Are you interested in doing an artist in residence experience? Res Artis is an association of over 480 centers and organisations in over 70 countries. Our members are dedicated to offering artists, curators, and all manner of creative people a time and place away from their every-day life, an experience framed within a unique geographic and cultural context.

Every week, we publish residencies and workshops opportunities... deadlines and open calls directly from our members.

Be sure to add our Upcoming Deadlines section to your browsers favourites and Like the Res Artis Facebook Fanpage. Every week will be a new opportunity to apply and encounter the world in residencies!