2016 June Res Artis Newsletter

Res Artis welcomes three new Board Members

We are very pleased to introduce Kira Simon-Kennedy, Jean-Baptiste Joly and Tooraj Khamenehzadeh as our three new members of the Board of Directors. We are happy about these new additions to our team and feel very positive about the strong and international composition of our Board of Directors.

Kira Simon-Kennedy (USA) is the co-founder of  China Residencies, a platform to help artists find out about opportunities all across China, and to provide advice and support for artist residency administrators.

Jean-Baptiste Joly (Germany) is the founding director and artistic director of Akademie Schloss Solitude, Germany’s largest artist residency program where he introduced a multitude of activities and new initiatives since its inception in 1989. He also served as one of the founding members of Res Artis in 1993.

Tooraj Khamenehzadeh (Iran) is the curator and program manager of Kooshk Residency the first artist residency in Tehran.

Read more about our Board of Directors here.

Res Artis Definition of 'Artist Residencies’

Over the past 23 years Res Artis has built a strong international reputation in the artist residency field. In recent years we have seen a rapid growth in our own global membership and the broader sector. We see a trend that more and more organisations are defining themselves as 'artist residencies'. In response, besides amending the Res Artis Vision, Mission and Values, we have also reformulated our Definition of Artist Residencies:

Res Artis recognises that the field of Artist Residencies is rapidly expanding and evolving in today’s fast-paced global and innovation age. Therefore the definition of Artist Residencies should remain somewhat fluid and responsive to new developments, contexts and times.

Despite this fluidity and growth in the field, Res Artis believes the following core principles are crucial to the definition and success of any model and scale of Artist Residency.

Artist Residencies are:
•    Organised and sufficient time, space and resources     
•    Enablers of the creative process
•    Reflective of their lexical meaning as ‘an act of dwelling in a place’
•    Based on clear mutual responsibility, experimentation, exchange and dialogue
•    Engaged with context by connecting the local to the global
•    Crucial to the arts ecosystem
•    Bridging mechanisms between different arts disciplines and non-arts sectors
•    Tools for inter-cultural understanding and capacity building
•    Essential professional and personal development opportunities 
•    Catalysts for global mobility  
•    Encounters with the unknown
•    Profile-raising with immediate and ongoing artistic, social and economic impact 
•    Important contributors to cultural policy and cultural diplomacy

The aim and mission of all Res Artis Members should reflect this definition and uphold the Res Artis Mission and Vision.


Tilting Axis 2: Caribbean Strategies

The inaugural edition of the Caribbean-driven visual arts conference Tilting Axis took place last year at The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. in Barbados. This initial encounter saw thirty-two arts professionals spanning the Anglophone, Francophone, Hispanic and Dutch Caribbean convene for the first time on Caribbean soil alongside a number of international participants. Building on this, Tilting Axis 2 took place at the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) on February 19 and 20, 2016, with more than double the previous number of attendees coming together to discuss this year’s topic ‘Caribbean Strategies’.

Tilting Axis was originally conceived by Fresh Milk and ARC Magazine, who have continued to collaborate with core partners Res Artis and PAMM for the second iteration in Miami. As a city that not only aspires to be a vital art centre in the 21st century, but that also acts as a hub between the Caribbean and the global North with a large diasporic population and, in many ways, a shared history, Miami was a strategic location for the conference to travel to.

Overall, Tilting Axis 2: Caribbean Strategies made significant strides in its aims to fortify networks through knowledge transfer, provide avenues for critical conversation and form action plans to extend the reach of arts and culture throughout the Caribbean. The next edition of the meeting is planned to take place in early 2017, hosted by the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI).
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Member Spotlight

Simon Beckmann, Director of Joya: arte + ecología / Joya: AiR, talks about the transdisciplinary approach behind the residency program and its distinct strategy combining arts and research towards projects of sustainability.

“We call Joya: arte + ecología ‘an arts led field research centre’. The research is manifested through our arts residency, collaborations with artists on projects we generate, transdisciplinary programmes with ecologists and environmental activists. We curate international artists within Spain.

Resident artists are not here to ‘finish’ work (although this can be an outcome), they are here to stretch the rigour of their inquiry, they are here to make discoveries, they are here to clear the way ahead, to amplify their practice.

We are a cultural destination in the heart of rural Spain, in an alpine desert, living at 1000m above sea level in the Parque Natural Sierra María – Los Vélez. This is a place of outstanding natural beauty and remains so despite the environmental challenges facing peoples’ way of life. Climate change, bringing increased aridity and violent weather patterns, combined with outmoded farming techniques causing the loss of soil quality, stand in stark contrast to the coevolutive and sustainable subsistence farming of just forty years ago.

Joya: arte + ecología is developing a transferable and combined strategy of research driven innovation, restoration and conservation of land and utilises contemporary art and thinking as a means to express, interpret and disseminate the ideas we are generating. We have created the environment where artists are able to explore the ‘non-tangible asset’ that is life in all its diversity, life that has the inviolable right to exist as anything other than for the material gain of mankind. Contemporary art expresses the nuance attributed to a deep understanding of a ‘sense of place’ and it provides the insight into nature that the majority of us find convenient to ignore. This makes a deeply persuasive device in the debate to persuade the impassive to take action for a common good.

Joya: arte + ecología is a ‘not for profit’ association, and over the last five years we have had in excess of four hundred and fifty artists both from within Europe and as far afield as Australia, Japan, Canada and South America. We also host group residencies for collectives, universities or loosely associated people who have an interest in accessing what we offer. We regularly create opportunities for Fine Art faculties from the University of the Arts London, Goldsmiths, Manchester and many more and we are always keen to connect with other institutions.

In addition, we are always keen to curate artists within Spain and beyond. We have exhibited our resident artists in the Centre for Contemporary Art, Málaga as well as the Hondakin Festival in Bilbao. This year we are curating four-time resident artist from New York, Melissa Marks, to exhibit two installations in our historic village of Vélez Blanco. We are creating one installation in the church of the C16th Franciscan monastery consisting of 16 drawings in 16 monolithic white boxes while simultaneously the artist will be creating a 400 sq. meter floor drawing in the empty courtyard of the Castle of Vélez Blanco. The idea is to exhibit contemporary American art in the empty heart of our castle as a reciprocal cultural gesture as the original courtyard lives in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Our next goal is to attract enough finance to offer generous bursaries to resident artists through a series of awards orientated around environmental issues. If we are successful we intend to publicise these opportunities through Res Artis.” – Simon Beckmann


Cause of “Death”: Lack of Vital Information

New website aimed to “resuscitate” Malaysian arts and culture ecosystem.

My Performing Arts Agency (MyPAA) launched ARTERI, an online strategic platform to serve as a one-stop information portal for the Malaysian arts communities. ARTERI underscores MYPAA’s objectives to address gaps in the current ecosystem, and lead towards increasing funding and developmental opportunities, nurturing skills and talent growth to contribute to the social, creative and economic sustainability of the sector. ARTERI is made possible in collaboration with Yayasan Hasanah under its arts, culture and heritage (AHC) focus to help transform Malaysia into a distinctive AHC destination by positively advancing the AHC ecosystem in the country.

The portal features content on i) funding opportunities via local and international organisations, ii) mentorship and residence opportunities iii) call for applications/auditions, iv) useful resources like publicity, list of rehearsal and performance spaces v) factsheets that include policies on corporate tax exemption and registration of entities, list of NGOs, vi) toolkits such as templates on writing business letters and preparing budget sheets, vii) special features and interviews amongst others. Local and international organisations like On the Move, Asia Europe Foundation, Goethe Institute, The Japan Foundation, Sime Darby Foundation and National Department for Culture and Arts have all contributed in terms of content provision that will be beneficial for the Malaysian arts community.
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Res Artis attended On the Move General Assembly

Res Artis was present at the On the Move General Assembly, held from May 18-19 in Warsaw, Poland.  The meeting was hosted by OTM member, the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute.

During the first day, a wide variety of cultural mobility issues were discussed together with participants from Poland and Eastern partnership countries. Furthermore, the challenges and possibilities for collaboration that partners in Poland and Eastern countries are facing were looked at in more detail. The second day was reserved for the General Assembly of On the Move and a training on digital innovation and communication facilitated by Gianfranco Pooli, Digital Manager for the European Cultural Foundation.

During the meeting Res Artis was also able to meet with Res Artis members in Warsaw,A-I-R Laboratory, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski CastlePOLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews / Open Museum – Education in ActionPolish Modern Art Foundation/AIR in Keret House.


European Alliance for Culture and the Arts

The European Alliance for Culture and the Arts was officially launched at the European Culture Forum in Brussels. In total, 27 European organisations from various cultural sectors and a number of national associations as well as individuals support the initiative - Res Artis is one of them.

Through their members the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts represents more than 40.000 organisations all over Europe.

The Alliance is calling EU policy makers and national governments to re-think the European approach and put culture at the forefront of their common project.

They strongly believe that the Union’s long-term aims are unattainable without culture and the arts as they enable the creation of a thriving European society and a sustainable economy.

Throughout the year the Alliance will campaign further at EU and national level and bring attention to the urgent need to put culture and the arts at the heart of EU policies.

Read the appeal and join the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts.


Cultural Base

CulturalBase, a social platform on Cultural Heritage and European Identities organised May 11 – May 13 a conference with the aim to identify research topics for the next European Research Programme. Before the conference twelve vision documents were produced by the project team along the three axis Memory & Heritage, Inclusion & Heritage, and Creativity & Heritage. The invited stakeholders – representatives of cultural institutions – were asked to comment the documents before the conference on the website and used them as basis to derive ideas for research topics from.

The participants worked in six moderated groups, two groups on each axis. Because the weather conditions were agreeable the teams decided to work outside. As usual in similar settings the first session was used to form the team and find out what the actual goal is and which way the group intends to achieve that goal. The following session were productive and resulted in a large number of ideas in which directions the research could go. Surprisingly, the overlap of ideas from the different groups, even the ones on the same axis, was not large.

The ideas will be now processed by the project team and distilled in research proposals. These will be presented on a meeting in Florence in November / December 2016.” – Karol Frühauf, Honorary Board Member Res Artis


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New Members

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With over 550 members and counting in more than 70 countries, Res Artis always welcomes new organisations to join us in our efforts to make the artist residency field thrive. These are organisations that are joining our network to reach a wider audience, connect with other artist residencies and actively engage with our community. 


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