Deadline: 25/04/2017

May 2017 residency in Tuscany!

Spring art residency in Tuscany! ART, SOUL, NATURE, WELLNESS...

Description of residency program
You can develop the project you prefer here, there are no specific themes, and you can choose also to develop here only a part of a bigger project.

We can accept 7 artists for this period.

Duration of residency
From a minumum of 10 days to a max of 20 days 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

This kind of recidency is opened to everybody who has an artistic/creative project and is looking for a good place where develop it.
We welcome people of all ages and nationalities.
The art recidency program is opened to writers, designers, filmmakers, painters, photographers, all kind of visual artists, poets, performers, land artists.
We like to say that it's opened to spiritual treasures seekers.

What we offer to you
It's an opportunity to spend an alternative, relaxing and creative stay at very low cost at Borgo del Sole, an opportunity to experience a time totally dedicated to your project in a place with a very good mood for inspiration and creativity. An opportunity to meet new interesting people and share their experiences.
We offer you an accomodation in single bedrooms, with shared kitchen and shared bathrooms, and the free access 24h on 24h to all workspaces of Borgo del Sole.
We offer you a space on our website.
We offer you the opportunuty to attend all workshops that will be active during your stay for free.

If you prefer to do not rent a car you can arrive by train from Pisa airport, we have a train station 5 minutes from us, then we can give you a ride for food shopping or you can arrive in Castelnuovo on your own by train or by bus, there you found shops, supermarket, street market...

In the price you pay is included the stay in a single bedroom and the complete access to the pool and to the workspaces of our Agriturismo, is included electricity, hot water, heating, bed linen, towels, kitchen linen, wifi, you can attend our daily lab that we organise for turists (cheese making, cooking classes, meditation lessons, candle making, and some others).

Studio/ workspace

the art laboratory
the summer temple
the portico near swimming pool
the portico near the art laboratory
where you want in our big park or near the river, just 5 minutes walk from apartments

Fees and support
We ask a contribution of 20 euro every day.

Expectations towards the artist 
we ask you to leave here a trace of your work, so you can decide to leave us somenthing material, like one of your works, or just a sign of them, so some photos, a video, an interview, a poetry... 

We usually take some photos or videos about your time here, and so we ask that the artist is available to be imaged or photographed.

Application information
To apply, please, send us an email to 

We ask you to explain your project to be developed here, to send us a link to your portofolio or website and to tell us somenthing about who you are.

May 2017 residency in Tuscany!

May 2017 residency in Tuscany!


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