Deadline: 20/06/2017

Open Call for Arctic Residency

Open Call for a residency in the Arctic Russia.

Description of residency program
During the residency, the artists work with their projects connected to the Northern Russia and the Arctic region.

Duration of residency
1-3 weeks 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
The residency is open for any kind of artists, musicians, writers, sculptors, actors, directors. The priority is given to those artists who focus on questions of ecology and sustainability (included ecology of culture) in relation to the Arctic and the Russian North. It is also essential that the artists can present their work to the local audience. Arctic Art Institute collaborates with most of the cultural institutions in town and also works with projects in public space.
It is a plus if the artist is interested in long-term collaboration with the place and its local art scene.

The artists are staying in a historical building constructed in 1830-1860s in front of the place where the former Troitsky Cathedral was situated, in the heart of historical Arkhangelsk. Because of the central placement of the residency, the Merchant Yard, Lenin Square, Art Museum, Arctic Art Museum named after A. Borisov and other major institutions are all accessible within 200-500 meter distance. 

Studio/ workspace
Usually our artists were working with research of the place, and then working with production at home. There is a studio in the local art school, which the artist can use, in case they provide a workshop for the students. 

In each case the individual plan is made, depending on the artist's interests and needs.

Fees and support
The cost of the residency apartment is 50 euro per day for 1 person.

Expectations towards the artist
The artist is expected to have 1 event for the local audience: either give a talk, have a workshop to art students or give a lecture to the art students. Curators of the residency are helpful in organizing the event.

Application information
Please send your CV (1 page) and Motivation Letter (2 pages, Word or PDF format).

Include the links to your work (Dropbox, webpage, any other online documentation) into the Motivation Letter. 

Please send a mail if you would like to learn more.

Open Call for Arctic Residency

Open Call for Arctic Residency


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