Deadline: 18/12/2017

Art Residency at Arte Sella, Trentino Italy

Apply for the Arte Laguna Prize with 2 works,you are eligible for an art residency in Trentino Italy

Description of residency program
Arte Sella: the contemporary mountain. A unique creative process which over a thirty-year journey has seen a meeting of artistic languages, artistic feeling and different inspirations united by the desire to establish a fruitful and ongoing dialogue between creativity and the natural world.

Two routes immersed in the woods where international artists’ sensitivity and creations have been able to talk to nature and to get in touch with it. Year by year, a succession of artworks made of natural materials are donated to nature which modifies them, turning them into something new. Every season covers Arte Sella itineraries with colours, shades and new scents: the route is a continuous discovery, every time a different emotion.

Arte Sella consists of two routes: ArteNatura, a path that extends along a forest road immersed in the woods. It is a route of approximately two kilometers and it offers the opportunity to discover some artworks. A second route is situated at the Malga Costa Area and it consists of a ring path of about one kilometer, which has other artworks such as the famous Tree Cathedral. From 2016 it is possible to visit also the historic Villa Strobele and its garden, where Arte Sella was born.

Duration of residency
10 days

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Open to artists from the following disciplines: painting, sculpture and installation, photography, video art and performance, land ans environmental art, virtual art and digital graphics, urban art.
Work space will be provided by Arte Sella, as well as on-site assistance.

During the residency period, the selected artist will be accommodated locally. Board and lodging provided.

To participate you have to enter the Arte Laguna Prize with at least two works in the same section and you will receive an email with the instructions to submit your application for Arte Sella.

Studio/ workspace
Work space available for the winning artist.

Fees and support
Application fee: 100 euro (the fee includes participation in the Arte Laguna Prize with 2 works, and will give access also to other opportunities, including 10 other residencies, collaborations with companies, gallery exhibitions, prize money)
Reduced fee for Under 25 artists: 90 euro

The residency includes:
board and lodging, work space, materials, on-site assistance, a grant for the journey up to maximum 1,000 Euro, ideation of a site-specific project for Val di Sella.

Expectations towards the artist
The residency will culminate in the creation of a site-specific project to remain in Val di Sella.



Art Residency at Arte Sella, Trentino Italy

Art Residency at Arte Sella, Trentino Italy


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