Deadline: 15/12/2017

International Artist Residency in Sicily

Experience a rural Sicilian town (near Taormina) and create a site-specific public work of Art.

Description of residency program
The Graniti Murales Artist Residency provides an opportunity for national and international artists to break out of their studio, to a unique rural town tucked away from the city in the northern mountains of Sicily. A town that has opened its doors and welcomed the creative expressions of artists from around the globe. We encourage both experienced site specific artists to apply, as well as those with the drive to challenge themselves beyond their typical work methods. We are less interested in eloquent “Art Speak”, and more interested in creating works of art that embed themselves into the community. Projects that embody the artist’s passion in their work. Not merely graphics on a wall. Meant to do what art has always been intended to do. To inspire. Enlighten. Educate.

Duration of residency
Residency times vary from 4-6 weeks depending on the scope and size of the project.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Graniti Murales offers residencies to national and international artists to create original works of Art within the public spaces of Graniti, Sicily. We typically produce murals applied to the walls within the town, but are open to other more experimental works that may include video, sculpture, written text, sound etc.
Supplies required for the proposed project are provided by Graniti Murales- including paints, brushes, rollers, scaffolding (if necessary).  

Accommodation is provided by Graniti Murales.  Artists are responsible for transportation costs to Giardini Naxos, a 50EURO cleaning fee, as well as the cost of utilities used during their stay (approximately 20EURO depending on usage).  Artists are responsible for providing their own food, but the accommodations include a full kitchen.

Studio/ workspace
We have a building with indoor outdoor space specifically dedicated to artists and the community.  Which can be used as a studio by the artists.

Fees and support
Fees required by artists are cleaning fee (50EU), utilities used (approximately 20EU), and cost of transportation and food.

Expectations towards the artist
We prefer site specific work, which is influenced/inspired by the town environment and/or local experience of the artist.  After having some time in Graniti (generally a week or so), a proposal including a rough draft is presented by the artist (with our assitance) to the town council for approval. The artist is then expected to complete their project before the end of their residency.

Application information
Please fill out the form located on our website Residency Program page: 

International Artist Residency in Sicily

International Artist Residency in Sicily


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