Deadline: 15/01/2018

Ongoing AIR

Two month stay in Kichijoji, Tokyo.

Description of residency program
Hi there! Thanks for finding us :)
Ongoing AIR is a residency program organized by Art Center Ongoing, a small independent alternative art space in Tokyo. We look forward to meeting interesting artists from all over the world through this program.
For detailed information, please visit our website and fid out how to apply for our program.

Duration of residency
 2 months

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
We've mainly worked with artists whose work include painting, sculpture, installation and video, but all artis of all disciplines are welcome.
English speaking staff will assist you to find what you need in Tokyo.

You will stay at a two story house. You will have a private room, and share the dining / living room with a host, who is a director of Art Center Ongoing.

Studio/ workspace
We don't have a studio space, but you can use your room as a studio. If you prefer somewhere special, we can ask local artists if they have a good space you can use.

Fees and support
Accomodation fee: 150,000 JPY / 2 months
Support: We do not provide any stipends or transpotation fee.

Expectations towards the artist
Making a solo exhibition at the end of the program.
Fully experience life in Tokyo and interact with local artists.

Application information
1. Application Form (Please download from our website)
2. CV/ Artist Profile
3. Portfolio
4. Relevant images, audios, videos, magazines, website links
Please send the listed items to 

Ongoing AIR

Ongoing AIR


Application deadline

Residency starts

Residency ends

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