Deadline: 01/02/2018

Open Wabi Artist Residency - May 13 - May 26, 2018

Open Wabi Artist Residency is located in an early-1900s furniture factory in rural Ohio.

Description of residency program
Open Wabi, located in an early-1900s furniture factory in rural Ohio, offers emerging and established artists the time, space, and environment to encourage growth and experimentation in their practice.

Duration of residency
2 weeks

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Open to all dispciplines. There are a wide variety of hand tools provided (hammers, hand saws, screwdrivers, etc) for your use but we cannot always guarantee their condition. No power tools are provided. Please bring all of the supplies you will need during your residency. 

Built in 1915, our factory and railroad depot buildings are historical structures that we have gradually adapted to the working and living needs of artists. The factory building, where the studios are located, also features a shared lounge, dining area and kitchen with appliances and utensils. WiFi is provided.

Living accommodation options include:

  • Private Room – $750
    The converted railroad depot serves as a living quarters, featuring modest, furnished bedrooms and a shared half-bath. Each bedroom has it’s own air conditioner. The depot also features a living area with seating and TV. The building is always locked and features key-code access on the exterior door, in addition to individual bedroom keys.
  • Private Cabin – $650 
    Open Wabi is in the process of building private cabins. We currently have one available. The cabin is modest and furnished with furniture (bedding is provided). It will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis to qualified applicants. Access is given to the shared bath with shower, kitchen, and living area.
  • Camping – $550
    The 20-acre property offers plenty of space for tent or RV camping (tents/RVs not provided). Artists who choose to camp also have access to the shared bath with shower, kitchen, and living area.

At Open Wabi, we have converted a portion of our factory’s main floor into large, 16 x 30 foot, private studio spaces. Wooded areas and pasture are available for those interested in working outdoors. There are also architectural remnants on the property that may be of interest to environmental or installation artists.

Fees and support
$750 private room / $650 private cabin / $550 camping
Currently there are no stipends or financial assistance available.

Expectations towards the artist

  • Open House 
    There will be an opportunity during the residency for visiting artists and critics to visit the studio. Open Wabi also hosts an open house on the last Friday evening of each residency session. Though it is not a traditional exhibition, it is an opportunity to share work with invited guests and celebrate the work completed by artists during the residency.
  • Pay it Forward 
    At Open Wabi we believe in generosity. We also believe in working together in community. It is central to our mission and involvement is an important part of a residency. This is why we ask residents to contribute 2 hours of their time toward improving the property for future residents. Depending on the resident’s skills, contributions could include construction, de-construction, or general maintenance.
  • Documentation 
    Residents are asked to provide Open Wabi with documentation of at least one project created at the residency. We find it important to share the Open Wabi experience with future & past residents.

Application information

There are no specific educational requirements to apply. Awards will be made to those, who in the exclusive opinion of the jury, have submitted the best work. Apply by the priority deadline date to increase the chance of securing your place in a residency session. 

Required Application Materials:

  • Artist Statement
  • CV
  • 10 images with descriptions
  • Statement of your interest in attending Open Wabi
  • Application Fee: $25

Open Wabi Artist Residency - May 13 - May 26, 2018

Open Wabi Artist Residency - May 13 - May 26, 2018

United States of America

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