Deadline: 15/03/2018

Bridge & Falls Residency Program, Summer Series 2018

Come to the wilds of northwestern Ontario: bring your backpack, bear spray, and your creativity!

The Bridge & Falls Creative Residency supports professional artists, emerging artists, and creative minds who wish to undertake one-week long, self-guided residencies in Nestor Falls, Ontario and Sioux Narrows, Ontario.

The award includes:

  • Accommodations in a prospector's tent, at a campsite in Sioux Narrows Provincial Park OR if the participant chooses to stay in a motel/ lodge/ cabin within the communities of Sioux Narrows and Nestor Falls they may make such arrangements.
  • A day-use studio (On the Water) which can be accessed from a stationary dock, and within walking distance of a clubhouse on White Moose Go
  • lf Course.
  • A day-use studio (On the Rock) near the Travel Centre in Nestor Falls, Ontario
  • A day-use studio (Moving Gallery) near the Travel Centre in Nestor Falls, Ontario
  • To connect with nature and the great outdoors by exploring nature trails, day-use areas, and public beaches.
  • A $750 honorarium to support the cost of travel and meals.
  • A $250 stipend to support campsite fees at Sioux Narrows Provincial Park or accommodations in a motel/ lodge/ cabin within the Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls


  • Afford professional and emerging artists the opportunity to develop their body of work.
  • Provide an opportunity for artists/ creative minds, who are residents of Canada and/ or the United States of America, to participate in a rural and remote residency in the communities of Sioux Narrows and Nestor Falls, Ontario.
  • Encourage interactions between artists/ creative minds with the larger artistic and general community of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls in northwestern Ontario.
  • Support artists/ creative minds who are interested in the environment, northwestern ecology and culture, natural exploration, etc. in accessing a unique geographic location.

Individuals may apply for projects related to work currently in progress and/ or for new work.
Selection is based on artistic merit, the potential impact of the residency on the applicant, and preparedness to undertake the residency. A panel of judges, representative of the communities of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls will consider applications. The panel will include one practicing artist, the cultural officer for the Township, and one professional artist from NWO/ Manitoba or a senior staff person with the Township of SNNF.


For the summer of 2018, three tiny studios will be in use. They are for day-use only. On the Water, On the Rock and the Moving Gallery are all equipped with a workspace and modest furnishings. The tiny studios are not fitted with plumbing or electrical.
For that reason, the locations of the three studios are within walking distance of Township owner & operated facilities that do offer restroom facilities.  The Moving Gallery and the On the Rock studios are near the Travel Centre in Nestor Falls, Ontario. The On the Water, tiny floating studio is within walking distance of a clubhouse, on White Moose Golf Course, that has modest kitchen amenities and restroom facilities - about 10km north of Sioux Narrows.
All artists can use the libraries in both communities and are welcome to recharge andn connect on wi-fi at the Northern Ontario Sportfishing Centre in Sioux Narrows (open 7 days a week from May long weekend to September long weekend).
On The Water
On the Water is a tiny studio on a floating platform and can be accessed by a stationary dock. The floating studio is intended to connect the user to water, one of the four elements of nature and is constructed to allow the user to freely relate to the outdoors. It is ideally situated in Long Bay on Lake of the Woods, by White Moose Golf Course, north of Sioux Narrows, Ontario, Canada.
On the Rock
The artist residency site is perched on top of an undulating bedrock surface at the head of a prominent walking trail for the community of Nestor Falls. How the building touches the site is very important, the intention, to follow the changing elevation of the rock, making delicate connections that seem to float above the surface. Natural light floods the interior of the space, and the warmth of the cedar projects through the polycarbonate wall system.
Moving Gallery
The tiny studio is a gallery/ exhibit space with windows, walls and "yes" wheels. The Moving Gallery allows the artist to create in the space and at times exhibit the works in a small gallery-esque setting. The tiny studio has a pivot door that when open - provides ample space for a day-use workspace. When the pivot door is closed and the ramp gate is up, the studio is essentially "closed for the night". The Moving Gallery will be near the Travel Centre at Nestor Falls and in close proximity to the On the Rock studio, providing opportunities for two working artists to converse, share ideas, and connect.

Residencies are multi-disciplinary and we will consider applications that fall within the artistic and creative spheres of: Literary Arts, Visual Arts, Photography & Multi-Media, Community Arts, and Emerging Artists.
The residencies are self-guided and we encourage artists to wholly embrace the time & space, while they are here in northwestern Ontario to connect tot he natural surroundings and to dive into their residency - maximizing the opportunity afforded to them to fully realize their goals and objectives.
Artists are asked to indicate their interest in applying for one of the residencies listed in the CALL FOR APPLICATIONS. Please follow this link to learn more: Bridge & Falls Creative Residency

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Bridge & Falls Residency Program, Summer Series 2018

Bridge & Falls Residency Program, Summer Series 2018


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