Deadline: 16/04/2018

Skin of the Earth

What is the body and how does it fit into landscape and image?

“Skin of the Earth” artist residency looks to broaden the forms of auto representation of the body and establish new connections towards our environment through our relationship to the body, landscape, and image.
Aware of the body and its effects on the landscape, we will look to intervene in the environment of San Isidro Mazatapec; addressing and thinking of the specific site, our bodies and a recording device. 

The group will be provided with theoretical methodologies / practices, which will involve exercises of corporal expression and on-site interventions; using tools such as drawing, video, the body, mapping, anatomy etc., we will generate research and group reflections based around personal experience.
The residency will be divided in two sets: Internal landscapes and Exterior landscapes.
From the micro to the macro, we will close the residency with a show and tell from the participants, through a video of five minutes maximum in which we will explore the intimacy of the work, personal and social within the landscape and the body. 

- To experiment with ( through playful and participative elements) new relations between art and nature.

  • To introduce visual, historic references as well as concepts and aesthetics from contemporary performance artists, video art - video performance - bio art.

  • To reflect upon the importance of the body and landscape.

  • To stimulate the participants’ creativity with corporal expression exercises, stage improvisation, on site intervention and exploring the body.  

  • To research the introspection of the body (own and else's ) through found organic matter.

  • To promote the importance of looking, breathing and being in the country site.

  • To promote the presence of the body experiencing the landscape by creating images in which the many ways and shapes the body can present.

This residency is an open call to all artist and general public who have basic knowledge of video editing and recording devices.

Cost: $715 USD.
Students & Latin-American citizens $585 USD

Private and Shared: Fees include meals, materials & shuttle from GDL/Anima – Anima/Aiport

Studio/ workspace

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Expectations towards the artist
Artists are encouraged to donate a piece made on-site to the ANIMA archive or create a piece that will be exhibited in the annual Anima art exhibition.

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Skin of the Earth

Skin of the Earth


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