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GDL Contemporary Reflections

This ain´t your basic tourist experience.

The City of Guadalajara has become the centre of contemporary art in Mexico. Exciting projects artists, curators, galleries and museums are appearing on daily, reflecting a dynamic and proactive society of today’s world.
GDL Contemporary Reflections is an artist residency in two settings. First, in the neighbourhood of Colonia Americana, the avant-garde spaces of Casa Bruselas where artists will be exposed to the most representative and fundamental spaces of the contemporary art in the city. Presented in collaboration with Collective OUNO, curators of the gallery space “Dolores Ausencio”, the residency will offer an opportunity to exchange ideas with local artists through presentations and artist talks from the collective.
Anima Casa Rural will be the second stage of the residency. The holistic and rural space of Anima will offer the artists time to reflect and create artwork. This residency aims to invite the artists to the “Tapatio” (a resident of Gudalajara) world, its many ways of expression, shapes of culture and coloquial ways of our contemporary art world.

Cost: $950 USD.
Students & Latin-American citizens $820 USD

Private and Shared: Fees include meals, materials & shuttle from GDL/Anima – Anima/Aiport

Studio/ workspace

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Expectations towards the artist
Artists are encouraged to donate a piece made on-site to the ANIMA archive or create a piece that will be exhibited in the annual Anima art exhibition.

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GDL Contemporary Reflections

GDL Contemporary Reflections


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