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The sound of nothingness

Rhythm, life, style, timing, the sound of the world surrounding you. Take a step back and listen.

Applications Now Open – The Sound of Nothingness –
There is a rhythm in everything, in shapes and colour, in a voice, in every language. There is a structure behind and only a few can see it. Only those who are sensitive enough, who are curious enough, who are attentive enough.

Lose yourself in our residency. Forget about phones, laptop, emails, life, stress, cities, chaos. Spend your time in a small village with farmers. Slow down, listen to their rhythm, to their tradition, to a calmer life and relaxed composition. And you will find the story of Thailand and its secrets underneath.

Sam Rit Residency is inviting artists of all mediums, arts managers and arts workers, academics of all disciplines, researchers and students; our residency program offers the time and space for creative individuals willing to be part of a team to research and produce and exchange, recalibrate perspectives and invigorate creative energy. The applying artist must be open to collaboration and have an open mind. Be able to work with others and sometimes put aside their personal space.

The fees for this project are 1150$(USD) for a single room, consisting of en suite, hot shower, air conditioning, bed sheets, towel and basic supplies for 30 days stay. This includes 2 days meals and orientation; entrance fees to the Phimai Historical Park, transport comprised of a twice a week shopping and a driver/interpreter. The orientation will cover places of interest and information about Sam Rit Village and the nearest town of Phimai.

Financial Assistance to Residents:
Sam Rit Residency is a non-profit entity without government or philanthropic funding. Proceeds from the program are put directly back into the Sam Rit community through employment and projects. Unfortunately we are unable to provide direct financial assistance to residents. We have however reduced the cost of the program to just cover the services we offer. We are also happy to assist residents who are applying for external funding in the form of Letters of Support.

Applications are now being accepted until midnight Monday 30th of April 2018 (ICT) for the residency taking place between August – September 2018. 

The sound of nothingness

The sound of nothingness


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