Deadline: 01/04/2018

Open call AIR 2019 Nordic Artists´Centre Dale

Professional visual artists, designers, architects and curators are welcome to apply.

Professional visual artists, designers and architects are eligible to apply for a residency of two or three months duration in 2019. Curators are eligible to apply for a one month residence in 2019.

Applicants from outside the Nordic region are expected to master the English language. The program is not available for students. Neither is the programme available for artists or producers within theatre, dance, film, litterature or music.

The residency at the Nordic Artists’ Centre includes a monthly grant of NOK 10.000,- as well as covered travel expenses up to NOK 6000,-. Living and working spaces for free. The centre has five private residency houses of various size for the selected artists. Five identical 50 m² north-lit panorama window studios, with an additional common workshop furnished with a variation of equipment and heavy machinery for wood work. The artists’ lodgings is fully equipped, and provided with wireless internet access.

NKD is located just north of Sognefjorden, on the westcoast of Norway. It lies in a rather remote area, literally in the middle of nature. Dale is a typical small fjord community with a few shops and a small café. The nearest town, Førde is one hour away by bus. Bergen, the nearest city is three hours away by bus and boat.

What we offer, besides excellent accommodation and working conditions, is time and space. Too much time of an artists everyday life is consumed by administration, transportation, networking and planning etc. leaving not much time left for the art production itself.

At NKD you will have the best possibilities for concentration and contemplation around your art practice, with not much interference and temptations of any kind, except for hikes and strolls in the immediate and exquisite nature.

In residence, you are supposed to take part in presentations and an open studio day. We do not run a regular exhibition program.

Deadline 1. April, 2018 (midnight at your local time)

Please note that all fields must be filled in. Only applications using the form will be considered. You may apply with a single application, together as a group or as a third option: separately but with linked applications.

NOTE: NKD will in 2019 have a cooperation with ALDEA project in Bergen. More about ALDEA here:

It is possible to apply both for the NKD/ALDEA cooperation and our regular residency program.

NKD/ALDEA – Five artists will be invited for a two months residence in January and February, resulting in a group exhibition at ALDEA Gallery in Bergen, opening primo March.

The artists applying to the NKD/ALDEA project will be selected by Curatron.


NKD -The program for 2019 will otherwise be executed as normal, and the applications will be evaluated by a board of peers and the NKD administration together.

For 2019 it is possible to apply for a stay between one (1) and four (4) months. Curators can apply for a one (1) month stay.

Apply by sending us the form. Attach your portfolio of MAX 1 MB per image containing up to ten single photos. If necessary upload a separate description of images and titles.

For applications containing sound and video files attach a link.

Please include a full application and all attachments with your full name.

Please note that only selected artists will be notified after the selection process is finished. The names of selected artists will be published on our website, September latest.

Thank you.


Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dale
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Open call AIR 2019 Nordic Artists´Centre Dale

Open call AIR 2019 Nordic Artists´Centre Dale


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