Deadline: 17/03/2018

Swarm: Insects for artists

A weeklong research residency inCanada for artists to study insects and entomology.

Swarm is a research residency for artists interested in insects. The weeklong residency will facilitate 10 excursions into natural habitats, laboratories, collections and farms enriched by biologists, naturalists and experts to learn and collect materials.


Artist talk: Residents are invited to give a private artist talk to share your work with the group.

Moths:  We will set up a moth lure to observe the local moths with artist Jim des Rivieres who will give a workshop on high resolution scanning of insects.

Butterflies:  A walk in the field to see local butterflies with a lepidopterist.

Bioacoustics:  A visit to an Ottawa University laboratory where audible caterpillar communication is studied.

Invasive species:  A guided hike through the Gatineau Forest with an expert on emerald ash borers.

Pinning and preservation:  Visit to the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes, and a tour of one of the best collections of its kind in the world, with approximately 16 million specimens.

Illustration:  A meeting with a national entomological illustrator from the CNC.

Fireflies:  We will hike out to catch fireflies with a local entomologist who will describe the 8 local species and their distinct flash patterns.

Dragonflies:  A guided hike through the Mer Bleue Bog with expert entomologist to learn about the many local dragonflies and damselflies.

Bees:  A visit to a local honey farm to look at the hives and to learn about colony collapse and urban bee keeping.   

A visit to a bee physiology lab at Ottawa University.

AMBO:  The Ayatana Moth and Butterfly Observatory houses a small collection of live native an exotic moths and butterflies each year. If you would like to work with a specific species it may be possible for Ayatana to import them so they are available to you during your residency.

Pests:  We will spend an afternoon with a progressive exterminator who will teach about local pests and cutting edge methods of dealing with them.

Duration of residency
The residency will take place over a week in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada in the summer of 2018.

Disciplines supported and technical information
All disciplines are supported. No science experience necessary.

Residents will be picked up in Ottawa and driven to the Ayatana residency house, where they will have a bed and bedding and will be driven to all activities. Meals will be provided.

Residency fee is $1200 USD

Expectations towards the artist
Residents are not expected to produce work during the program. Residents are invited to give a 20 minute artist talk to the group.

Swarm: Insects for artists

Swarm: Insects for artists


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