Deadline: 16/04/2018

Tao Hua Tan : International Artist Spring Retreat and Residency May 10 – May 25 , 2018

Small scale residence to celebrate the Spring Festival. Open to only 8 international artists.

Description of residency program
International Artists Spring Retreat and Painting Residence: Tao Hua Tan, Anhui Province, China 2018 We have the pleasure to inform you that the international artists' retreat and painting residence workshop will take place in Tao Hua Tan, Anhui Province, China, from May 10th thru May 25th, 2018.

Invitation open to 8 artists only from China, and from deferent countries of the world. The participating artists will be selected by the organizer's curators: Jeffrey Spalding, independent curator Vancouver, BC, Canada; Gordan Novak owner of Novak Graphics Inc. printmaking studio and publisher from Admiral, Saskatchewan, Canada; Liu Jian, artist, art consultant and curator from Toronto, Canada and Beijing China; or proposed by the art-world professionals (art critics, galleries, museum curators, university lecturers...).

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
The invited participants are free and independent in choosing the subject, style, and technique of their work. However, they will be proposed to make one painting on canvas size 120 cm x 120 cm and two more works on canvas size 60 cm x 60 cm, destined for the permanent collection of the organizer's future World Art Museum at The Peach Blossom Pool Arts and Holiday Riverside Resort, Tao Hua Tan, Anhui Province, China.

Artists stay at The Peach Blossom Pool Arts and Holiday Riverside Resort Hotel (5 stars) in private rooms or shared with artist's partner.

The artists will also have free breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one of the 3 the resort's restaurants with free wine or beer with dinner.

Studio/ workspace
Main studio space (shared) will be in the future graphics studio. It is high ceiling round structure of 30 meters diameter with plenty of natural diffused light. If some of the artists would prefer private working place, there are a number of smaller buildings on the resort grounds that will be available as temporary private studio spaces.

The organizer will supply all the materials (oil and acrylic paints), brushes, easels, working tables. 

For the artists needing some special materials, please inform the organizers early, and we will do our best to supply. If not available in Anhui province we will kindly ask you to bring such material yourself.

Fees and support
All the canvases and oil and acrylic paints, as well as any special materials requested by the artists, will be provided free of charge by the organizers, who will also cover all the expenses for full board and lodging including visits to selected historic, natural and cultural sites. The invited artists should only pay the transportation costs from their city/country to Shanghai, China and back. The organizers will meet the artists at the meeting point in Shanghai and transport them by minibus to the resort. The residency will end with an exhibition of the works produced in Tao Hua Tan and an »open day« reception for the press, collectors, critics, gallerists and the general public. The catalog book of the residency will be produced by the organizers and 3 copies will be mailed to each of the participating artists. After the residency, the organizers will transport the artist back to Shanghai airport. If due to the arrival or departure schedule some artists will have to overnight in Shanghai that cost will be at the artist's expense.

Expectations towards the artist
 Artists are expected to leave the works for the organizer's collection destined for the future Contemporary Art Museum on the resort's grounds, as specified above in Disciplines, work equipment and assistance.

At the end of residency, there will be an exhibition of works created at the residence and "open house" for the press, local artists and general public ending with the closing ceremony and banquet. 

Application information
 Artists should apply to with:

  • CV
  • 6 images of previous (preferably recent) work with descriptions (title, year, medium, size in cm)
  • photo portrait of the artist
  • home or studio address of the artist
  • email address of the artist
  • the mobile phone of the artist
  • artist's statement (optional)

The curators will within two weeks consider the applications and communicate to the artists if they have been accepted. At that time the accepted artists will receive Cooperation Agreement signed by the organiser. This Cooperation Agreement has to be signed by the artist and scanned or photographed and emailed back to

Upon receipt of the executed Cooperation Agreement, the organizers will email to the artists official stamped invitation necessary for the Chinese visitor visa.

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Tao Hua Tan :  International Artist Spring Retreat and Residency May 10 – May 25 , 2018

Tao Hua Tan : International Artist Spring Retreat and Residency May 10 – May 25 , 2018


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