Deadline: 16/06/2018

Next Residency Application Deadline: 16th June

Deadline for residencies beginning in October 2018 and March 2019.

GlogauAIR offers the use of a studio space in a superb location in Berlin and a unique expirence taking part in the residency program. A base in Berlin to be able to visit the city and it's thousand cultural venues and a place where other artists are living a similar experience in an athmosphere of friendship and collaboration.

There are 10 studios distributed in 2 floors. Each floor has shared kitchen, shower, WC and WIFI, basic expenses (maintenance, gas, electricity, and internet) are included.
The kitchens are fully equipped and the studios have a double sofa bed with bed linen, table, chairs, desk lamp / bed lamp, wardrobe and shelve.
We can provide extra furniture if available or, if you have visitors, an extra mattress and bedding.
There is also a charming garden and a backyard for common use.

Open Studios Exhibition
You are invited to participate in GlogauAIR´s Open Studios Exhibition, which offers the residents direct contact to the local artistic scene and a dialog with the public.
In occasion of the Open Studios exhibition, GlogauAIR will edit a catalog with information and photos of every resident artist, as well as a flyer and press release.

Other Activities
You are also invited to take part on the different activities and collaboration projects organized in or by GlogauAIR, including artists talks, interviews, studio visits and interchange programs with other residences and institutions, as well as a welcome lunch to get introduced to GlogauAIR's community.
You will be included in the resident artists' database accessible on our homepage.

We will be offering assistance, advice and attending technical demands Monday-Friday during the office opening times.

GlogauAIR will also provide access to all the equipment and tools available in the residence, to use for one week, extendible if no other artist demands it:
Multimedia: 4 beamers, 6 CRT TVs, 4 TFT screens, 6 DVD players, 2 media players, sound mixer and speakers.
Tools: Hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, saws, wrenches, hand and vertical drill, mitter and grinder saw, sander, white wall painting, rollers, etc.
Lighting: Flood lights (Halogen and Metal Halide), fluorescent tubes, spot and snoot lamps

House keeping
Although we do our best to help, residency artists have the duty to keep the commom spaces (bathroom and kitchen) clean and tidy. And also artists have to clean their bedrooms and studios before they leave.
When you arrive you will find your studio clean and everything ready to work, you will have to leave it in the same conditions


// Language
The main language in the residence is English.

// Visa
If the artist comes from a non-European country, he/she has to go through the process of obtaining a German Visa valid throughout the time of residence. We offer our collaboration by writing a letter of admission.
For general information about mobility check

// Expenses
The artist must take responsibility to pay individually for the costs of the studio prices and insurance, transport and travel expenses. Normally the artist will look for a grant in his/her country to finance all the costs, although GlogauAir will do everything possible to facilitate the search for financial Aid, i.e. sending a non binding letter of invitation that endorses the decision of the artist. On the other hand, GlogauAir is constantly looking for sponsor entities to bring granted artists and pay for activities of the residents.
If you’re looking for funding, here you can find a selection of funding programs.

// Deadlines
The artists will have to present the finished documentation within the period established by GlogauAIR; these dates will be announced on our website.

// Jury
A jury formed of professionals from the Berlin art community will choose the admitted artists and the decision will be communicated by e-mail only to the selected artists one month after the application deadline.

Even if you are not selected in the first round, we may contact you if there is any vacancy during your preferred residency period.

Residency duration of either be of 3 months or 6 months only.
Artists are required to present work and attend each Open Studio within their residency period. Lack of fulfillment of this condition can result in charges equivalent to the whole rental deposit guarantee at the sole discretion of GlogauAIR.

Accommodation 600 € / month
Open Studios, Curatorial and technical support 600 € / quarter (To be paid upon acceptance)
Minimum cost of the program (One artist 3 Months) 2.100 €
Deposit guarantee 600 €

Second artist +100 € / month (Only for artists with a proven track reckord of working together as an artistic pair).

1) Upon selection, the artist will receive a copy of the contract which shall not considered valid until the full payment of the deposit and the support fees has been received within 15 days after along with a signed copy of the Agreement been returned

2) Deposit guarantee will be returned in full to the artist should there be no damages or other incumbrances upon check-out

3) All payments will be made via bank transfer, no cash will be accepted. Any bank charges will be paid for by the artist immediately before arrival

Guests staying at the studio need to be notified to the administration office and the artist will be liable to a 40 € / guest /day surcharge

This price includes accommodation/studio and participation in the residency program, technical support, curatorial advice, participation in the Open Studios Exhibition (including catalog) and other activities (popup exhibitions, artists' talks, presentations, interviews...) to be discussed case by case with the artist, and being part of GlogauAIR's international network.

Deposit and cancellations
A deposit of one month residency fee is due two months before beginning of the residency to effectively book your studio.
Money wiring fees are to be paid by the sender.

If you cancel 3 months before your stay, you receive a complete refund. Cancellations less than 3 months before your residency incur no refund.

Application information
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Deadline for residencies beginning in October 2018 and March 2019

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Next Residency Application Deadline: 16th June

Next Residency Application Deadline: 16th June


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