Deadline: 16/07/2018

The Human Problem Within Contemporary Ceramics

Ceramic Residency facilitated by the Cuban artists Surisday Reyes Martínez & Alejandro Cordovés.

There are many challenges that are imposed on the artistic practice in today’s ever-changing environment. The discipline of clay making/ ceramics has had to assert itself as one of the most expressive and diverse. The human problem comes as an important theme in metaphors which can be decoded almost immediately. Human relationships, communication, self reflection, identity, gender as well as past and present politics are some of the topics in this discipline.

Through its theme this art residency proposes to expose others to the difficulties that not only face artists but also contemporary society. Through clay making we aim to see the new challenges they face following different artistic and aesthetics procedures.

Cost: $735 USD.

Students & Latin-American citizens $605 USD

Fees include all material & Shuttle from Airport/Anima – Anima/Airport

The Human Problem Within Contemporary Ceramics

The Human Problem Within Contemporary Ceramics


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