Deadline: 15/12/2018

Spring 2019 AIR in rural Italy

4-week long self-directed residency for professional artists in rural Central Italy.

Description of residency program
33OC is a non-profit association, a theatre and a community located in Toffia, a small medieval village perched on a rock 60Km NE of Rome. Our small artist-run residency program offers professional artists the time and space to work in the pastoral landscape of Sabina region and to explore the lesser known rural culture of Italy. The residency is located in a deconsecrated 13th Century church - currently an active theatre and in its adjacent building. Artists are offered access to the theatre, multi-purpose workspaces, and shared living spaces.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
The residency is open to professional artists working in: puppetry/marionettes (all forms), visual arts, photography, film & video, media arts, performing arts, music/sound art and literature*. Each residency period concludes with an Open Studios day.

* Please note that we cannot provide facilities for printmaking, sculpture, ceramics or large-scale painting.

Duration of residency
4 weeks
Spring session: March, April, and May 2019
33OC hosts up to 3 artists at one time. We provide shared accommodation (two large bedrooms which can sleep two people each). Blankets and linens are provided.

33OC being housed in a medieval building the rooms aren’t equipped with private bath: a shared shower & toilets with sinks are available on the ground floor. 

A large well-equipped kitchen is available for use on a self-catering basis to all artists in residence. The kitchen is stocked with basic ingredients: coffee, sugar, salt, pepper, spices etc. available for the use of the artists. Artists are responsible for the costs of all personal items and additional food items.

The living space is equipped with Wi-Fi. Due to the structural characteristics of the building Wi-Fi access is available only in the bedrooms & kitchen area. It should be noted that in the colder months heating is VERY limited.

Studio/ workspace
The entire theatre and the adjacent spaces are put at the disposal of the artists in residence. We use the spaces in an organic way based on what activities are taking place in the theatre and the work needs of the resident artists. We provide multi-use spaces and equipment which artists need to coordinate usage upon arrival with the Residency Manager and the other artists-in-residence*. We ask you to be flexible and respectful towards others and creative in adapting spaces to your needs. We also encourage artists to consider interventions in public spaces throughout Toffia upon agreement with the 33OC staff. A small but supportive network of people who will assist you in any way possible to make your stay productive and enjoyable.

* As mentioned previously the spaces cannot accommodate artists working in Printmaking, Sculpture, Ceramics or large-scale paintings.

Expectations from the artists
Each residency period concludes with an Open Studios day, an occasion for the artists to display the work produced while in residence and to share their experience in a casual encounter with the public.

Fees and support
Paid by Host
Accommodation & studio spaces. Utilities & administrative costs, internet service.
Paid by Artist
33OC is a nonprofit organization currently functioning without any external financing. At the moment, we can continue to host artists only on a fee basis. The cost is 250 Euros/month per artist. Residents are responsible for their travel, work materials, food and personal expenses during the residency.

We accept only online application made via the link provided here available also on our website. We do not accept applications via email. There is a 20 Euro application fee.




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Spring 2019 AIR in rural Italy

Spring 2019 AIR in rural Italy


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