Deadline: 15/09/2018

2018 S.A.C. Residency Program

Artists will gain diverse cultural and artistic inspirations in Chiang Mai for their art creations.

Description of residency program
S.A.C. Residency Program invites artists to propose original multimedia projects to be realized during a period of residency to propose projects. The proposal should take in consideration the specificities of projects and programs that have been conducted by S.A.C. Residency, the location and surroundings of the residency and all projects should propose collaborative and / or should be open to interaction and participation of local community. S.A.C. Residency Program will select 2 proposals from international artists. Artists from all ages and any nationalities may apply.

ABOUT S.A.C. RESIDENCY PROGRAM: S.A.C. Residency Program is located in Chiang Mai. We aim to offer an opportunity for artists who are willing to create their art in a different cultural and art surrounding, to gain their experience from different culture. We offer the residency space to help artists to develop and produce new works, as well as opportunities and support to develop artists’ skills and to be involved in the local art community.

We wish to establish a relationship of trust, partnership and collaboration. We see the residency as a chance where, together with the artists, we will find the best way to enable and carry out each project. By joining our program, you are not only an artist, but also a member of our team.

We are an initiative open to the public and that depends on financial resources from different sources. Therefore, we manage our financial resources with transparency and conscious use aiming for little waste. We have developed a way of working that involves care with the money entrusted to us. We respect, and are very sensitive to, the specific dynamics of each project, but we assume responsibility for the administration of the production budget, since we understand money as only one mean to sustain a larger initiative.

Duration of residency
Residence period will be 90 days long, Residency Cycle Period will be November 2018 – January 2019


Terms of Participation:
1. Disciplines: Artists from all disciplines can apply.
- No age limit for candidates.
- Applicants may be of any nationality.
- Applicant must speak English.
- Applicants must have at least 8 years of studio experiences.

Work equipment and assistance
1. We provide bicycles in the residency for artists’ use.

2. We will help artists to access to comprehensive wood and metal
workshop, print-making studios, ceramics studio and help with sourcing
local materials, we also could offer the professional mentoring, support
and guidance with workshop structure and delivery, as well as studio
practice feedback and discussion forums. Requirement of any of the
above-mentioned facilities must be made clear to the residency manager
prior to your arrival to the residency.

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Accommodation with private bedroom and bathroom are available

along with shared kitchenette, balcony, living room with microwave and
washing machine, shared studio space with natural daylight. Tea and
coffee are provided at studio space.

Free Wi-Fi are available at the common area.

The living area provided by S.A.C. is reserved for the exclusive use of
artists in-residence.

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Studio/ workspace
The studio has allocated workspaces and tables for individual artists;

the working area should be left tidy when the artist is not at work. S.A.C.
has no responsibility for objects left in the studio. If there is no residency
member on the property, please lock the studio.

- Artists must make use of their studio a minimum of 40 hours per week.
- Artists should occupy their studios for the majority of the residency’s
duration; absences should be communicated and approved by S.A.C.
Residency manager. Absences cannot exceed 10 days throughout the total
period of the residency.

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Fees and support

As support for participation in the residency, the following features are
1. Material cost for artists: allowance of up to THB 20,000 (twenty
thousand Baht) divided in two installments. First installment of THB 10,
000 to be given on the first week of the program; second installment of
THB 10, 000 to be given at the 5th week of the residency. Artists on
residency program are responsible for returning all expenses receipts to
the manager every week. Noted that this material cost only covers for
production costs such as materials and services towards realising the
project. This does not include daily expenses such as food. Any expenses
without receipts will not be recognised as part of the financial support from

2.  Expenses for transportation during S.A.C. Residency Program
2.1 We offer the transport to and from Chiang Mai Airport, at the start and
end of artists’ residency period.

3. If transportation request is from S.A.C. Residency or work-related
travel (opening exhibitions, buying supplies, etc.), support travel expenses
from S.A.C must be approved from S.A.C. Residency manager only.

4. Shuttle service from the Chiang Mai City will be provided three times
a week with prior appointment with the residency manager. Activity plan
manage by S.A.C will also be communicated monthly.

5. S.A.C. will arrange an exhibition for the artists during the residency
period. Depending on the quality and quantity of the artwork, it will be either
a group or solo exhibition. Exhibition date will be decided during the
residency. You may wish to bring some works to finish in the residency.
The exhibition will be held by Subhahsok The Arts Centre in Bangkok, S.A.C.
Art Lab in Chiang Mai or our partner galleries.

What artists must be responsible for their own:
1. Successful applicant will be responsible for their own travel fees to

arrive in Chiang Mai on November 1st, 2018 or date agreed. Please provide
the proof of the return trip tickets prior to joining the residency program.

2. S.A.C. will provide the invitation letter to participate in the residency
program, however, the applicant must provide a proof of the eligibility for
staying in Thailand for 90 days. Applicants are responsible for the visa
fees.(Applicants from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, can receive 90days without
visa in Thailand, but still require the visa document for joining this
residency program.

3. International artists and researchers are responsible for obtaining a
Thai visa, as well as all necessary documentation for travel to Thailand.
The Program’s administration will assist with this process (invitation
letter and address of residency).

4. If the applicant fails to provide the proof of all documents we need, will
have the application canceled.

Expectations towards the artist
We believe that as part of the residency process, the proposals should incorporate our location and specificities. Sometimes the projects are completed at the end of the residency, others will be still in development: we hope that the proposed investigations and experiments should reverberate residents’ experiences and their careers. We also expect that proposals should be connected with values that give meaning to our existence. For the end of this residency program, we may want to see the results of this whole program (etc. showcase some artwork). The sharing of processes, techniques and reflections on art making are what we expect from projects we support too.

Application information
Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand, it has rich natural resources, at the same time, it is blooming within the art scene. It becomes another center of culture and design. The art in Chiang Mai has a different style than Bangkok and we also hope artists can gain diverse cultural and artistic inspirations from Chiang Mai as well.

As an extension to Subhashok the Arts Centre, we hope to provide you with an experience outside of your usual environment and an opportunity to explore your work further. We are looking forward to your application.

All applications must be sent to by 23:59 pm on September 15th, 2018.

Key dates for application
Open call: August 15 th – September 15th
Finalist interview: September 15 th - September 30th
Announcement: October 8th, 2018

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2018 S.A.C. Residency Program

2018 S.A.C. Residency Program


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