Deadline: 15/11/2018

D´Arts et de rêves residency

You still have time to apply to the residence D´Arts et de rêves. The deadline is 15 November 2018.

D'Arts et de rêves
Artist residence in Sutton:
exploration and multidisciplinarity

Description of residency program
D'Arts et de rêves is a non-profit organization created in 2015 which aims to promote creation in three artistic disciplines – visual arts, literature, and contemporary circus arts – and to facilitate the accessibility and appreciation of these arts by the public. This organization recognizes itself in the values of democratization of the arts, exploration and sharing of artistic experiences, and collective production.

Call for project submissions for the residency program

The artists

  • The residence can accommodate two artists of two different disciplines at a time1.

The location

  • City

    of Sutton in Québec, 10 km from Vermont, where culture and nature build on one another.

  • Culture

    • In the heart of a vibrant, diverse, and dynamic arts community: Sutton has the highest density of artists in Canada and includes art galleries, artists' studios, and a theater where shows and films can be enjoyed.
    • An environment where both French and English cultures merge to form today’s Québecois culture.
  • Nature

    • Magnificent mountainous area in the Eastern Townships
    • Winter and summer sports: skiing, hiking, biking...

The residence and creating spaces

  • Renovated barn, dating from the last century, situated near a creek and at the entrance of a seven-acre cultural park being developed.

  • Within walking distance of the heart of Sutton

  • Daily bus service between Montreal and Sutton (Limocar Bus)

  • Designed to accommodate two artists at a time: two private rooms and common areas (bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and workspaces).

    • Internet access
    • Printer
    • Linens and towels provided at the beginning of stay
    • Washer and dryer
    • Parking
    • Bike

Financial and Hosting terms

  • Residence open year round

  • Length of stay: two to six weeks

  • Cost :Residence available for artists only. No overnight guests accepted. Lodging facilities (inns, B&Bs, hotels) available in Sutton for the artists’ guests. A list can be provided on request.

    • $275 for two weeks
    • $525 for four weeks
    • $650 for six weeks
  • Supplies and meals are the artist’s responsibility.

  • Personnel work equipment, including a computer, is the artist’s responsibility.

  • The residence is a non-smoking environment.

  • A contract will be signed with the selected artists specifying the responsibilities of each party.

Conditions for applying

  • Be a professional artist as defined by the Conseil des arts et des


    du Québec (CALQ ) and the Canada Council for the Arts (CCA).

  • Show interest in interdisciplinary and/or multidisciplinary research.

  • Provide a complete dossier (see below) which will be evaluated by a jury; two artists practicing different disciplines can present a joint dossier.

  • Be available for meetings and mediation with the public during the residency.

The responsibilities of the host organisation

  • Greet the artists upon their arrival, propose a city tour, and present the resources.

  • Facilitate the exchange and cooperation between the invited artists and the local artist community.

  • Organize meetings with the public.

  • Ensure cleanliness of the facilities at the beginning of each stay.

Selection process

  • Deposit dates for artists in 2018:

    May 15 (for residency period between mid-July to December 2018)

    August 15 (for available dates in 2018 and all 2019)

    November 15 (all dates in 2019)

  • A jury composed of artists in visual arts, literature, and contemporary circus arts selects the residency projects.

  • The jury meetings take place according to the deposit dates, a response is sent to you by email following this meeting.

Selection criteria

  • Quality of the artistic path

  • Innovative

    character of the project

  • Importance of the project in the artist's career

  • Artist’s openness to disciplines complementary to his or hers

  • Desire and ability of the artist to communicate with the public

  • Artist’s adherence to the organization's values

The dossier

It must be sent electronically only––and include the following:

  • Project submission form

  • Description of the proposed project (maximum three pages)

  • Artist approach (maximum one page)

  • Recent Curriculum Vitae (maximum three pages) and link to a website, if any

  • Visual or literary dossier

    (10 digital pictures / or videos–to be sent using medium resolution / or 10 pages of text extracts)

  • Press dossier

    and / or

    list of publications if any (maximum five pages)

For additional information, please contact Karina Sasseville, Coordinator, at:

  1. The offer for circus art is now directed more to artists who want to work in the design of an act, to jugglers or to hand-to-hand artists. More comprehensive facilities for contemporary circus arts are still under development.

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D´Arts et de rêves residency

D´Arts et de rêves residency


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