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Human relationships to water.

Human relationships with water

Description of residency program
Submerge is a research residency for artists interested in water. The weeklong residency will facilitate at least 10 excursions enriched by scientists, sailors and experts who work with water to learn and collect materials.

Outline of activities.
Artist talk
We invite you to give a private artist talk to share your work with the group.
Tour a working hydro electric dam.
A behind the scenes look at the Farmer Rapids Dam.
Introduction to dowsing workshop.
Learn to find water with the Ottawa Dowsing Club.
Underwater sound recording.
Listen with a local naturalist and soundscapper.
Visit the Hogs Back Lockkeeper
Learn about the Rideau Canal and how the locks work
Breathing under water
Introductory SCUBA lesson
Limnology and Microplastics
Visit the Water & Ice Research Laboritory
Water quality
Effects of pesticides on fresh water wildlife
Sail the Ottawa River on a 29 foot sailboat.
Learn about aquatic navigation.
Tour local wetlands guided by a naturalist.
Learn about shore biodiversity and influence of runoff.
Demonstrations of the physics of water

Duration of residency.
The residency will take place over a week in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada in the summer of 2017.

Disciplines supported and technical information.
All disciplines are supported. No science experience necessary.

Residents will be picked up in Ottawa and driven to the Ayatana Residency House, where they will have a bed and bedding and will be driven to all activities. Meals will be provided.

Indoor and outdoor workspace is available

Residency fee is $1250 USD

Expectations towards the artist.
Residents are not expected to produce work during the program. Residents are expected to give a 20 minute artist talk to the group.

Application information.
Application instructions are on the program website

Selection process.
Residency places are limited to 6 artists. Selected applicants will be notified shortly after the application deadline.




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Residency starts

Residency ends

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