Deadline: 06/01/2019

MOTHRA: Artist-Parent Residency

One week residency is aimed at Artists who are currently primary caregivers of young children.

NEW! MOTHRA: Artist-Parent Residency 2019 NEW!
Dates:  June 24th –   July 2nd, 2019
Facilitator: Sarah Cullen, Alison Thompson
Cost: 850 + HST / Private Accommodation. $700 + HST Shared Accommodation
**Please Contact for Family Cabin Accommodation Rates**
Application Deadline: January 6, 2019

This Artist-Parent week long residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point (AGP) is part of MOTHRA’s ongoing Artist-Parent Project based in Toronto.  Artists who are currently primary caregivers to babies or preschool-age children will be able to live and work alongside their child for the duration of the week.

This project will push the boundaries surrounding attitudes towards childcare, artist-parents, and the inclusion of children by creating a multi-generational co-working opportunity for artists. We are here to acknowledge the parent/artist relationship, often overlooked in contemporary art, and to set a precedent that one can still be an artist and a mother/father/carer of a young child and that these roles can conflate.

MOTHRA will act as a catalyst to produce new work, skillshare, co-work and co-learn, collaborate, and create space for dialogue about issues relating to caregiving and art practices. We hope artists use this time for production, but also for research, and retreat. We would like to normalize the idea of having children present in the arts sector from the studio floor to the arts admin boardroom. We do not want to separate childcare from art practice, but to intermingle and celebrate the two spheres.

Residency prices include sleeping quarters, large shared studio, facilitation, and programming.

MOTHRA was started by Sarah Cullen with the help of Alison Thompson in 2018. We are based in Toronto.  MOTHRA is holding its first residency in Toronto at Artscape Youngplace in September 2018.

Alison is an artist, craftsperson, and parent. She has many years experience working with children in educational and community based projects.  She has always been interested in children and art and how the two can be merged. Alison holds a BFA from the University of Guelph.

Sarah is also an artist and parent. Her past and present interests include walking as both method and practice explored through art and geography, and most recently co-working and co-learning with children. She has exhibited and held workshops internationally.  MOTHRA emerged from a group Sarah facilitated in Oxford UK for artist-parents. Sarah holds a BFA from OCADU and MA Geography from Queen Mary University of London.

Residency is open to artists working in all disciplines. Artists should plan to bring all materials relevant to their practice and creation process. Due to the nature of the residency, artist parents will also be responsible for bringing any child care accessories they deem necessary ie. playpens, toys, strollers

A private room is available for all artists.  Artists will be responsible for organizing sleeping arrangements for their child i.e.  co-sleeping, bringing a small travel cot, baby wearing. Bear in mind AGP is a facility that usually accommodates single artists. Please be prepared for a degree of improvisation. Please contact us about specifics.

Family accommodation is also available in our Composer’s Studios which we have converted into cabins that are suitable for an entire family or for two artists with children to share. These cabins are ~900 sq ft. and have micro kitchens, running water, hot plates and mini-fridges some have a toilet, whilst another is located close to the facilities. There are additional fees associated with these facilities, please contact Artscape Gibraltar Point directly for information.

All accommodation is suitable for co-sleeping, seven rooms are suitable for personal cots or for an additional fee, extra double beds can be provided for three of these spaces.

Shared, furnished, large studio space provided. Artists must take into consideration that these are normal working studios and must ensure the safety of their child (and other children) at all times. Please bear this in mind when planning the type of artwork you intend to make.

Regretfully, we are unable to provide honoraria or stipends to cover travel or the fees associated with attending this residency. Artscape Gibraltar Point is happy to provide letters of support to any funding programs to which artists wish to apply.

We encourage applicants to pursue funding opportunities afforded them by their national, regional, local and departmental funding agencies.

Artists are expected to create work as well as contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding parenting young children whilst maintaining an art practice.  This residency is also a time for reflection and retreat. Artists will be responsible for their child at all times. AGAIN: Artists will be responsible for organizing sleeping arrangements for their child i.e.  co-sleeping, bringing a small travel cot, baby wearing. Bear in mind AGP is a facility that usually accommodates single artists. Please be prepared for a degree of improvisation. Please contact us about specifics.

Please fill out an application at Please remember to indicate that you are applying to MOTHRA: Artist-Parent Residency and indicate the type of accommodation you would require.

MOTHRA: Artist-Parent Residency

MOTHRA: Artist-Parent Residency


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