Deadline: 20/11/2018

Residency for visual artists in the Château!

Residency for visual artists in the Château!

The Château offers one residency with visual artists (plastics, photographer, street artist...). In the Château you are in the center of a popular district in the "Langue de Barbarie" between river "Sénégal" and atlantic ocean. The Chateau's team encourages you to dress the walls of the Château with your creation. The dancers, comedians and videographers will be happy to collaborate with you!

Alioune Diagne, Senegalese dancer-choreographer born in Saint-Louis , believed the idea that art and culture are the driving forces of development, expression, debate and education. Since 2006 in his hometown, he has artistically embodied this belief in a project which is divided into three parts:

  • Diagn'art » : A contemporary dance Company
  • Duo Solo Danse » : a dance Festival
  • Le Château » : A place of accommodation of residences and artistic projects

Residency program 
The Château is the former palace of the governor of Mauritania where many activities are now being developed throughout the year:

  • Home for creation of local, national or international compagnies.
  • Broadcast of Shows: Multidisciplinary Programming: Exhibition, theatre, dance, cinema, music, circus ...
  • A open house for the neighboordhood young entrepreneur seeking to development their activities: evening courses, seat of associations. Renting of spaces for social activivies, baptisms and weddings.
  • Reception of groups and travelers in the context of intercultural exchanges.
  • Coworking space: A dance school, a recording studio, video editing, graphic designers and webmasters share our premises and a common charter. Project holders can benefit on an occasional basis and according to their needs a connected and user-friendly workspace.
  • Administrative support to local companies and setting up of training, professional meetings and personalized coaching.
  • Logistical and technical support to local festivals through the provision of space and equipment.

The choreographic center Le Château is mainly an open place and bearer of values, a place of meetings where inhabitants, artists ; audiences and travelers can meet at anytimes of the day and the week.
The Château is in short a factory: A factory of artistic identities first of all, then factory of shows, manufacture of the cultural employment, manufactures of publics but above all a manufactures of collective adventures. So, join us!

Outcome of the residency 
The « Château » allows to host exhibitions or shows.
The venue is equipped with exhibition space , a sound system, lights, dance mat and video projector.
The representations or exhibitions at the end of residence are welcome
The « château » staff will be happy to accompany you in the discovery of local life and put you in touch with the people needed to develop your artistic project.
The presence of a dance school and video editors and a recording studio within the coworking space allows many artistic creations

Le château is located on the Barbaric language, in the heart of the popular area of fishermen "N’dar Tout". Between the sea and the river.
A 2-minute walk from the historic centre of the legendary city of St Louis.

Your facilities 
We have 2 large rooms around 50 M 2 with a indoor bathroom. 
The rooms are individual but can accommodate 4 people. 
The beds are equipped with mosquito nets.
Access to the kitchen shared and equipped.
Shared Desktop access
Groups : groups are welcome. The rooms can accommodate 4 people. In exceptional ways we can accommodate groups of up to 17 people
Family : the artists family are welcome!

Studio information 
We can accommodate up to 3 residences at the same time.
We have 2 scenic spaces (8X12m and 8X4M) and a rehearsal place on the terrace (9X17m)
We have a classroom.
A cinema space
Places of friendliness and meeting….

Technical location 
The Castle is equipped with:

  • A sound system,
  • Lights,
  • Dance Mats,
  • Stage curtains,
  • Video projectors
  • Chairs
  • Desks with Wifi.

With the partners of the coworking space it is possible to have access to video material and also a recording studio.

Support before and during your stay
Logistics support
Disposal of the equipment (A participation fees will be requested for the use of the parteners equipments from the Co-working space)
Residence costs €300/month
At noon you have the possibility to share meals with the team for 2 €/

Application process & guidelines 
To apply, it is very simple just write us an email by presenting us your project.
The projects allowing an intercultural encounter with the people who are part of Le château daily life (local artists, young people, inhabitants, dancers, children ...) will be privileged.
The Residences offering a restitution (Expo/Shows..) or master class will also be welcome.

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Residency for visual artists in the Château!

Residency for visual artists in the Château!


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