Deadline: 15/01/2019

Summer Residency at Chulitna Research Institute in Alaska

Make/research 200 miles off-grid in one of the most picturesque landscapes in Alaska!

Description of residency program
Chulitna Lodge Research Institute seeks to provide the time, space, clarity, and facilities for all forms of creative professionals or researchers to make and meditate.
From visual artists, to writers, to scientific researchers, and more, we encourage the gamut from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic hobbyists, to apply for our various programs.

Duration of residency
Fellowships are 6 weeks
Residencies are one week each and multiple week–long resedencies may be attended back to back for up to 3 weeks. 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
All disciplines are allowed.  We have:

  • Complete facilities for wood working.
  • Space for painting.
  • Minimal metal capabilities.
  • Computer with large screen and full suite of programs.
  • Dark Room.
  • 2'x2' print press.
  • Training to learn a specific tool, and/or assistance to set up facilities for a specific technique is provided by staff. 

If there is a specific tool you require that we do not have, let us know.  As a growing program, maybe we will add it to our facilities!

We offer both private and shared living spaces. 

Studio/ workspace
Depending on materials and process needed, many residents work in their cabins, while others who feel a need to stretch out utilize our 12'x20' car-port.  We also have a woodshop space, a large platform for working outdoors, and, of course, hundreds of miles of National Park and Wilderness Preserve surrounding the property!  

Fees and support
There are 4 ways to participate as an artist at Chulitna.

  • Fellowship – No fee, all expenses covered related to room and board + travel stipend (4-6 offered /summer)
  • Work Study – No fee,  all expenses covered related to room and board (0-3 offered/summer)
  • Resident Artist – Highly reduced fee, no work required. (1-2 full scholarships available, 1-2 half-scholarships available.)
  • Honarary Resident – No application required, no work required, full-fee with full-service, come make and enjoy!

Expectations towards the artist
All accepted artists are asked to give a presentation of their work in one of our open to the public events called, 'Chulitna Chat'.
All artists (except for Honarary Residents) are expected to help clean after meals.

Application information
Applications to Chulitna's programming are now open!
Please complete your application on the slideroom website at the following link:
Deadline: January 15, 2019
Application Fee: $35

Summer Residency at Chulitna Research Institute in Alaska

Summer Residency at Chulitna Research Institute in Alaska

United States of America

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