Deadline: Open call

Residencies available

Working and living in France for an extended period of time.

Description of residency program
Core values that fundamentally guide this studio concept: Creativity, Friendship, Kindness, Respect, Humor, Fun, Growth, Community, Consideration, Cleanliness, Positive Attitude and Good Will

Duration of residency
3 Month Residency- The central concept of the center
The 1 week to 2-month residency as space allows

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Ceramics, sculpture, painting drawing
a. Equipment: 2 kilns, 3 wheels, slab roller, tables, glaze area, underglazes, hand tools, tables, chairs
b. Assistance: Private lessons are available. Physical assistance with :1. Locating housing, purchasing materials, transportation, locating materials, language, activity
c. Exhibition space is available

Artists can stay anywhere they please. I recommend AirBnB, but there are websites listed on my website to locate the best place for each individual. There are no restrictions regarding children, pets or family. Artists can bring anyone and everyone they want. Housing is plentiful and available September through June. I will help people coordinate housing. Artists can consider the studio their home for there predetermined time.

Studio/ workspace
The studio is a fully equipped ceramic studio with wheels, slab roller, banding wheels, kilns and tools for everyone to use. There are tables and shelving to share. The studio is located in a tranquil area of Saint Raphaël, with a 3-4-minute walk from the bus stop, an 8 minute walk to the hardware store and organic market, and to downtown, a 20-minute walk. The downtown is next to the beachfront, with numerous shops and restaurants. The studio has full beautiful light and windows for painters and 2D artists.

Fees and support
My fee structure: (listed on the website):
Week     280€             
1 Month       1120€   
2 Months 1090€ 2180€ total 2 months       
3 Months 960€     2880€  total 3 months       
Deposit for 1 week  280€   refundable             
Deposit 500€       Due for all programs 1 month in advance of start date. Refunded within 10 days of departure
Key Deposit          15€ refundable
The studio is subsidized privately. I offer no individual financial support at this time

Expectations towards the artist
Artists can work at their leisure. There are no due dates for work or exhibitions. Artists are free to contact galleries or create their own exhibition and opening. Space is limited, so any exhibitions can only be displayed for a few days and must not inconvenience any other artists. The atmosphere is relaxed and open.

Application information
Application Process ( listed on the website)
For all residencies: Email me directly at the following information:

  1.        a brief introduction
  2.        statement of intention
  3.        resume
  4.        4-6 images or  website
  5.        Requested dates

Residencies available

Residencies available


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