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CourCommune welcomes artists in residence in various fields.

A brief description of CourCommune
In 2012 CourCommune was created to add an artistic presence to a rural territory, 100 kilometres south of Paris, far from the capital’s cultural and artistic institutions. The end of 2016 saw the installation of CourCommune in a 19th-century building which was once the village shop.

A team of volunteers aids with the day to day activities.
We have partnerships with cultural institutions in the region, including the Jardin Bourdelle and the Regional Library of the Seine et Marne.

Accommodation/Studio/ workspace
A studio measuring 80 square meters, a three bedroom apartment and a garden welcome artists-in-residence from spring to fall.

Application information
CourCommune is a not-for-profit organization made up of individual and group members, as well as educational facilities.
Administrative and artistic decisions are made by the President and the Artistic Director. Susan Hamlin (USA), the President of the Board of Directors, is a choreographer and professor of dance history. Anne Brochot (France), the Artistic Director, is an architect and visual artist. Together they review and select the applicants for residences in consultation with professionals in the arts.

A brief description of the residency program
The expression, Genius Loci, is a constant since the Roman era, used by both architects and poets. The meeting of a geographical location, a historical context and other distinctive elements make a place that, according to Christian Norberg-Schulz, " men their existential attachment " in the present time.

In the same way that habitation alone does not constitute man's anchoring on earth, art is not only embodied in the object of art itself but also takes shape in a way of living here and now. After the Dadaists who affirmed at the beginning of the 20th century that "life is more interesting than art" Robert Filliou adds that "art is what makes life more interesting than art". When this joke is actually put into practice, artistic exploration of spaces and landscapes, life punctuated by seasons weather and climate reinvents new ways of interpreting what surrounds us.

Genius Loci invites artists to focus on the practice of art as a certain poetic of the ordinary in a contemporary reality whose meaning is confiscated for the benefit of future catastrophe. What if this subtle way of living/creating was likely to call into question the very possibility of disaster?

We wish to make CourCommune an environment for retreat, encounters and experiences, a space to create supported by a space in which to live.

Duration of residency
Residences are two weeks to three months long.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Visual Art: artists working around the image must bring their own computer equipment. A printing house produces our prints. We can help artists working around the installation (materials, places, transportation assistance). Exhibitions can be organized in the workshop window.

Literature: One of our main partners is the departmental media library. We have access to the fund (mainly in French). Bridges can be built between visual artists and authors around the artist's book.  

Printmaking: A press is at the disposal of the artists. The material is provided with the exception of plates and sheets of paper.
An engraving workshop takes place a few days a month with external people, artists or beginners

Architecture: Theoretical projects can be developed with the occasional help of Anne Brochot, architect. Small shapes can be built (in the garden for example). Basic tools are available, drill, saw... Computer equipment and software must be brought by the artist.

For all disciplines, an exhibition, a series of readings, a walk or any other event can be considered. Communication is ensured with the partners of the CourCommune and the local press.

Fees and support
CourCommune is not in a position to award a scholarship or grant. On the other hand, once the selection of your file has been made, CourCommune sends you an invitation letter for the duration of your project in order to help you find the financing for your residence.

The fee is 300€/week
The first two weeks: 300€ and 150€ for each additional week
500€ per month and 150€ per additional week
900€ for 2 months
1250€ for 3 months

The price includes: a single room in the shared apartment, access to the workshop and garden. 
The production materials are the responsibility of the artist.

Expectations towards the artist 
The priority is the work in progress. If the artist desires, events can be organized.

Residents must live together in a respectful manner and leave the premises impeccably clean during and after their stay.




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