Deadline: 15/01/2019

Dune Shack Artist and Writers Residencies 2019

Residencies for three visual artists and two writers in the historic in C-Scape Dune Shack.

Description of residency program
In 2019 The Provincetown Community Compact is instituting a juried artist residency named for the late David Bethuel Jamieson, an African-American artist who died of AIDS in 1992. The David Bethuel Jamieson Residency is open to artists of color and includes three funded weeks in the C-Scape Dune Shack and a $500 fellowship.

The Compact is pleased to offer 3 artist and a writer's residency in C-Scape Dune Shacks. The historic dune shacks are among the nineteen shacks located within Peaked Hill Bars National Register Historic District of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Duration of residency 
Visual Artist Residencies are for 3 weeks. Writer Residencies are for 1 week.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
The residencies are for visual artists and writers. Transportation to and from the shacks is provided. No equipment provided.

The shacks are primitive — no electricity or indoor plumbing — and isolated, allowing for uninterrupted solitude and refuge. The Compact maintains and administers these shacks under an agreement with the Seashore.

Studio/ workspace
Residents are expected to work in the shacks provided.

Fees and support
The Compact funds, or partially subsidizes, residencies for three visual artists who are selected by jury and for two writers who are selected by lottery. Residencies for the top recipient of the artist residency and the Artist of Color residency are fully funded and receive a $500 fellowship from The Compact. Other residency fees are on a sliding scale between $100-$400 per week.

Expectations from the artist
The Seashore conducts a interpretive program with guided walking tours to the shack. These interpretive programs expose visitors to the experiences of the artist and the artist’s work. Resident artists are expected to interact with the tour groups.

Application information
Applications are on line and include, 3-5 images of the artist's work at at least 1000px either way, a resume, and statements supporting your application, including how the residency will enhance the artist's work and how the artist will interact with the Seashore's group tours. Selection is by jury for artists, by lottery for writers.

Dune Shack Artist and Writers Residencies 2019

Dune Shack Artist and Writers Residencies 2019

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