Deadline: 01/01/2018

Desert 23´S - An artist-led expedition into one of the driest places on earth with indigenous culture & ecology.

Reconnect to nature, learn from indigenous knowledge and explore pressing issues of our time.

Description of Residency Program
Desert 23°S presents a rare opportunity to research and develop new artistic & creative practices in one of the driest environments on our planet within an indigenous community inside a national nature reserve of diverse flora and fauna. This otherworldly region closer resembles the surface of Mars than Earth, offers the most optimal conditions for astronomical observations in the world and preserves ancient archeology beneath the sands. Within the dry landscape, lives an unbelievably diverse and rich ecosystem that remains due to the knowledge of indigenous groups who fight to protect the area from exploitative, water-intensive extraction and mining.

Our fluid, site-responsive program introduces creatives to the local ecology and culture as well as contemporary socio-political issues and historical contexts of the area, whilst presenting reciprocal benefits for local communities both socially + economically through our presence and exchange. 

We cultivate spaces that nourish and encourage space for personal and professional growth, the freedom to learn and experiment creatively, gather and find new inspiration in a remote, vast place far from structural or institutional frameworks and limitations. 

Though this program we engage with new ecological and cultural perspectives of our time in a multitude of ways, as well as promoting necessary dialogues and understanding between remote areas of this planet to others worldwide. 

Duration of Residency
Applications are currently open to join for 3 weeks minimum between March 8 - Nov 15, 2019 during the following time periods:

2019 -

  • April 5 - April 26
  • May 3 - May 24
  • June 3 - June 24
  • Aug 30 - Sep 20
  • Sep 27 - Oct 18
  • Oct 25 - Nov 15

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
We are open to cross-disciplinary applications spanning arts, creative and other fields. 

Participants are encouraged to be resourceful and work with local methods, materials, basic tools and equipment within the community and isolated natural environment.  

Participants will live together in a shared house in a small desert oasis sheltered from the vast desert, within an indigenous community inside the national nature reserve of flamencos.

Rooms will be shared between 2-3 (private rooms may also be available on request prior to arrival) bedding will be provided.

Participants will be encouraged to use the outdoor environment as their day to day workspace or studio. Aside from this a communal outdoor working area with tables and chairs will be available to use.

Cost and Support
Program Free with Financial Aid £1700 (shared room 3 weeks) 
Program Free with Financial Aid £3300 (shared room 6 weeks)

Food Supplies and Water
Accommodation (shared)
Research Trips
Local Transfers
Local Encounters
Outdoor Workspace (communal) 
Local Entrance Fees
Experienced Bilingual Guides
English Translation (during programmed activities) 
Creative Advice & Support (inc. prior to trip)
Opportunities for Future Exhibitions

Artists are responsible for funding their own travel and program fees. We offer the possibility of partial financial aid on our programs. We encourage artists who require further support to fundraise, apply for funding and support from their national and local arts councils or other relevant funding bodies. We can offer advice to creatives who require further support.

Funds generated from our on the ground expeditions go to sustain the project, the workers involved and into the remote communities we share with, supporting infrastructure, community, outreach and conservation of remote places.

Expectations towards the artist 
We expect artists to carry out independent self-led practice and research alongside the program. Artists may be invited to participate in future exhibitions with us after the program ends. 

Application Information
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Desert 23´S - An artist-led expedition into one of the driest places on earth with indigenous culture & ecology.

Desert 23´S - An artist-led expedition into one of the driest places on earth with indigenous culture & ecology.


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