Deadline: 31/01/2019

Open Call

Open Call for the Åland archipelago artist residence.

Description of residency program
The Open call for the Åland archipelago artist residence

Duration of residency
Time period April 2019 - March 2020. Please state the prefferd duration of your stay 2 weeks - 3 months.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
The basic idea behind the creation of the residence is so artists can experience a new inspirational surrounding for creative work. The residence also wishes to improve artists ability to pay attention to constucted natural enviroment and eventually to find new ways for interaction between artists, society and enviroment.

The residence is welcoming artists in visual arts, literature, perform arts, design, research, crafts, pottery, media art, photography, sound art, architecture and art journalism.

The residence offers accommodation in a house located on a rise looking out over the Hellsö bay on Kökar. The house is situated just a few meters from the sea. 

The house was turned into a art residence in 1997.

The are three apartments + two studio rooms in the house

1) 2 rooms, kitchen and toilet 2) 1 room, kitchen and toilet 3) 1 room, kitchen and toilet.

In the basement you find the sauna and showers. The apartments are equipped with basic furniture, necessities and tools for living and working. Bed linen and towels are supplied. There´s wifi in the residence.

Studio/ workspace
Two studio rooms upstairs in the house. There´s a possibility to use a ceramic studio connected to the nearby local museum, where it´s possible to make ceramics from example the local clay. There´s is also a smith´s cottage.

Fees and support
The fee is 10€/day/person, and we are not able to cover your travel costs, materials or other daily expenses.

The residence arrange excursions for the artists to local historical and cultural sites in the area. We also arrange transportation from the ferry port to the residence and we help and support during the stay.

Expectations towards the artist
The residence helps/supports if the artist wish to arrange a presentation or exhibition, but it´s optionally.

Application information
Please send us a free freely formulated application, work plan and CV, by the end of January for the Open Call

Application languages: English, Swedish or Finnish

You can apply to the residence alone or together with a colleague / working group.

Selection procedure is done by Kökarkultur committee.

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Open Call

Open Call


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