Deadline: 16/04/2019

June Residency in Tuscany

Take a month to further your work in the calm of this wonderful residency in Tuscany.

Description of residency program
The residency at Santa Maria a Rignana is situated in the midst of vineyards and forested hills and provides the quiet needed to focus on work away from the demands of everyday life in the company of other artists without being too far from the centres of Florence and Siena. As well as the importance of these Tuscan centres in art history, they also provide an opportunity for exploring new initiatives in the world of contemporary art. 

Duration of residency
The June residency lasts for four weeks but shorter periods (two weeks minimum) can be accepted.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

The residency is a small one with places for three artists who work alongside the owner who is also an artist. There is no formal teaching and everyone is free to contribute their skills should they wish to or where there is a request to learn an unfamiliar technique. We organise occasional informal sessions where artists present their work. Though everyone finds these sessions interesting and helpful, they are entirely voluntary.

Expectations towards the artist
The residency runs on a shared basis and we have a collective food kitty (usually 50€ a week). We shop together and and take it in turns to cook for each other in the evenings which are shared on the terrace. We often eat lunch together but this depends more on what people are doing at any one time. 

The shared house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Each artist has their own room but may share a bathroom with one other person. The house is both spacious and very comfortable.

The studio is in the deconsecrated church which is very large and leads directly from the house so that artists can work at any time of the day and for as long as they like.

The studio is equipped with a small press, tables, chairs, easels, boards and very large boards (2X3 metres) to present work in progress on. There are various tools for general work (hammers, drills, nails, scissors, punches etc)  and some limited  supplies (tape, turps, oil, inks, pins, etc). Artists can buy paper (Fabriano, Somerset) that they might need but are expected to bring their own brushes and paints. 

Fees and support
The fixed fees are 220€ per week with a reduction of 100€ for four weeks. We hold occasional exhibitions at the end of residency but this is not obligatory and depends on the decision of the group.

Application information
Artists apply in an email presenting examples of their work and then via an email exchange.

June Residency in Tuscany

June Residency in Tuscany


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