Deadline: 31/03/2019


Residency at Nectar + exhibition at Carles Taché + 1year sales agreement - 1 full + 3 partial grants

Located in the midst of nature surrounded by endless forest, Nectar, in collaboration with CARLES TACHÉ GALLERY, ON MEDIATION_Platform on Curatorship and Research, & KOYAC_Art collecting platform, presents its multidisciplinary art residency program offering a community-based living and working experience for worldwide artists in all career stages.

The residency is a unique opportunity to delve into the artistic and creative process enjoying rural environment and a great opportunity to connect with Barcelona Art scene and with the art market.
- Nectar will host 4 artists during the 3-week residency, one with a fully funded grant and three with 50% funded grant -   
(conditions below)

The Residency
Nectar is a non-profit cultural organization located in the midst of nature in the off-the-grid 16th-century farmhouse, surrounded by endless forest inside Les Guilleries Natural Park, about 1h and 30min drive north from Barcelona.

In its Artist Residency Program, Nectar will work in collaboration with ON MEDIATION_Platform on Curatorship and Research, an initiative of the Research Group Art Globalization Interculturality (AGI) from the University of Barcelona.

The artists will have the chance to present their work in an Open Studio event and gather along with On Mediation team and guests from the local art scene, enabling a space of conversation and feed-back. On Mediation team will write a short text about each artist’s work that will be used for the exhibition brochure and published at OMMagazine.

The culmination of the residency will be a one month exhibition in CARLES TACHÉ GALLERY, one of the most well-known Contemporary Art Galleries in Barcelona, where the artists will present their works within the artistic Barcelona scene. The opening will be on June 29th 2019.

The artists will have a one year agreement with Carles Taché Gallery of the works produced during the residency, which will be put on sale through KOYAC, an online platform aimed to promote and encourage art collecting among new audiences.

In partnership with art galleries around Europe, they make art collecting easy and accessible through education, advisory and the online sale of curated selections of artworks, in order to break the walls that would prevent the general public from diving into the art world.

​A one-day visit to exhibitions, art spaces, artist’s studios or other events in Barcelona will be organized by Nectar’s team. During their residency, the artists will have access to Nectar’s administrative and human support and to its network with local artistic and cultural community.

Participants will live in a big private furnished bedroom

Daily food supply / self-cooked

Studio Spaces & Facilities:
Studio spaces vary according to the proposed projects and media. Individual space and shared working studios are located in the main farmhouse. Indoor and outdoor spaces (two terraces, a patio, the land of the property and a 60m2 Moroccan tent) are open to the artist’s practice. Artists are also encouraged to use the nature and the environment that surrounds us as their workspace. Artists will have access to studio and workspaces 24 hours a day. The fully equipped-kitchen and the two bathrooms are shared.

Pick-up/drop off at Vic train station.

Application Guidelines
Artists must submit a project proposal which should include the following:
Summarize your project's proposal, giving the reader a a clear understanding of your intended work / A statement of your needs in order to research and produce your art.

To apply, applicants must submit one PDF document (up to 20MB) including the following information by using the online application form:
-Project proposal 
-Short bio/CV 
-Portfolio (Up to 10 images and/or up to 3 links to videos)

Documents can be written either in English or Spanish
Application period: February 11th to March 31st 2019
Announcement: Results will be announced on April 9th 2019.

The Jury is composed of: 
Nectar’s co-founders Tai Lomas & Olga Sureda
Carles Taché Gallery's director Charlie Taché
On Mediation’s team
Koyac's team

Application fee payment:
Application fee: 35€*
* A 35€ application fee is required. The fee is a donation to Nectar non-profit cultural organization and used exclusively to support the Nectar Artist in Residence Program.

-Application fee payment  through the online application form-



  • 1 Full grant (100% funded): No costs / 3 and a half weeks / Private room. Confirmation of the stay at the residency must be done within one week after the announcement.
  • 3 Partial grants (50% funded): 600€ / 3 and a half weeks / Private room. Confirmation & Payment must be done within one week after the announcement.
  • Each art work value must not exceed 2500€.
  • Each artist will have to donate one work


  • 3 and a half weeks residency at Nectar
  • One month exhibition at at Carles Taché Gallery (black & white space)
  • One year agreement with the gallery on the works produced during the residency, which will be put on sale through KOYAC
  • Opening event of the exhibition
  • Collaboration with On Mediation_Platform on Curatorship and Research
  • Texts written by On Mediation's team and special guests
  • Interactions with local agents (curators, writers, art critics) through Open Studio 
  • One day visit to Barcelona artistic scene
  • Private bedroom
  • Private and Shared working studios
  • Food supplies 
  • Access to Nectar equipments 
  • Communication and social networks
  • Pick-up/drop off at Vic train station.
  • Transport Nectar-Barcelona for the exhibition at Carles Taché Gallery
  • Shipping cost in case of work sales
  • Storage for one year

Not included:

  • Travel costs 
  • Materials
  • Work-shipping at the end of agreement 





Application deadline

Residency starts

Residency ends

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