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Open Feminist Call for Creatives


Description of residency program
At CENTRE POMPADOUR, the neofeminist laboratory, we believe that the human species is not going to die out because of a little bit of applied feminism. At CENTRE POMPADOUR there are as many feminisms as there are thinking human beings...nevertheless we are all allergic to patriarchy. We make this certain distinction between emancipation and feminism and our vocation is to provide a safe space and a cynism-free zone, filled with the privilege of as much time as each of our residents is willing to give and take.

Duration of residency
We accept all sort of creative feminists - please see our site for further information about how to apply - for a duration of stay  between 2 weeks and 2 month. (Please note, that this year, in August we are already fully booked.)

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
We welcome visual art, performing art, music, composition, feminist theory, art history, curating, photography,....but all around feminism as main subject of your work.

the 6 rooms with their own bathrooms in the château d'Ercourt, which houses CENTRE POMPADOUR, are largely big enough to live and work. furthermore there is the attic studio for visual artists, the dark room for analog photographers, the music salon with a piano, the well assorted library, the writers pavillon, the yoga deck and 4ha of nature around. please note that you are very welcome to join the dinner table (for 22€) or cook yourself in the second kitchen for our residents.

depending on what your project is, you may want to work in your room or in the attic atelier, or in the music salon, or maybe in the writer's pavillon ? you may prefer solitude but you will not miss our breakfast and kitchen discussions and maybe participate in our lifely dinners (prepared by our "mostly" vegan and vegetarian chef).

Fees and support
CENTRE POMPADOUR, is an artis-run non-profit organization and can only accept budget proposals of minimum 250€ per week (for a private room with bathroom at the château, breakfast included, bike, parking, use of all the inside and outside spaces of the property)

Expectations towards the artist
We love discussions and exchange of ideas on how you see and live your feminism. Michaela Spiegel, founder of CENTRE POMPADOUR, runs an ongoing video-project and you are invited to participate and describe your feminism and your creative work.

Application information
To apply, please send 1 page CV, 1 page of a work proposal and motivation letter, preferred period and length of your stay and a budget proposal ( please note that we can not accept budget proposals less than 250€ per week)

Open Feminist Call for Creatives

Open Feminist Call for Creatives


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