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Call for Applications - ´84´ - Fall 2019 and Winter/Spring 2020 at LungA School

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Fall 2019 and Winter/Spring 2020 at LungA School, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.

- Description of residency program
To be clear: This is a school program and not a traditional residency. But it’s also not a traditional school, so we’ll try to be as clear as possible:

Pt. 1
It is now five years since we started this school and it has been five years of countless surprises. It is unclear what we actually thought would happen, but it is very clear that we had not imagined this. Perhaps we had imagined that with time the school would solidify and manifest itself more clearly. That with time it would become clearer to us what a school actually is and the conceptual framing around this whole endeavour would become crystal clear. Perhaps we thought that with time we would come up with an answer to the question ‘what is the LungA School’ that would feel comprehensive and fitting and able to contain the whole thing in simple, clear words so that when saying it out loud it would invoke a sense of satisfaction like placing the last piece in a puzzle and finally seeing the whole picture.

That, luckily, has not happened.
The ambition is that it never will.

Pt. 2
Briefly put, the LungA School is an independent, artist-led (and student-led) institution and situation where we experiment with artistic practice as a way of doing, thinking and being in order to cultivate, disturb, distort and transform our notions of aesthetics, learning and perception.

As the name implies it considers itself a school, but if we imagine that we did not only call it a school, but something else such as 'a work of art', or 'a commune' these terms seem to be able to fit as well, and not only do they fit, but they seem to be able to describe some aspects of this place which we consider to be essential. Apparently, these terms and concept which we recognise through a range of more or less clearly defined conditions, have, in the case of this particular school, several overlapping conditions so that it is not enough to simply talk about this as a school if we wish to describe it in a way that might convey, more fully, the experience of being here. This means that we have been developing several voices that stand on all sides of the school and speak to the aspects that it sees. And together they form a fuller picture.

A program here is a composition, a set of arranged circumstances, notes on a string. Each note is in its right place, which could be any place, but then again, it could not. It is where it is. These circumstances have a beginning, but each of them unfold in largely unpredictable ways, filling out the empty space between the notes, creating a totality in the performance of a composition. And each performance is different from the other, though it is easy to recognise the composition as being a particular composition and not some other.

Pt. 3
Currently the program is 84 days and therefore simply called ’84’

’84’ is the name given to a period of time which can be characterised as being something in between an act of art and a school and neither and both and more. 

’84’ is a composition for a performance. The performance of a school. Or: The performance as a school. Or: The school, performed.

The program ’84’ moves through different stages. These are characterised by a difference in language, a difference in content and a difference in focus, but also by a similarity which allows for several cycles to occur during the program.

The stages occur chronologically, but are overlapping and seamlessly woven together so that the journey through them becomes one continuous movement. 

During the program, besides the individual and collective studio practice, there will be approx 10-15 guest artists that will be conducting workshops, experiments, investigations and conversations with the participants. 

- Duration of residency
The program is 84 days (12 weeks). This open call is concerned with two different programs: 

Program details for FALL 2019
When: September 22nd 2019 – December 14th 2019.
Where: Seyðisfjörður, Iceland
Cost: Total cost including food, accommodation and tuition = 545000 ISK

Program details for WINTER/SPRING 2020
When: January 12th 2020 – April 4th 2020.
Where: Seyðisfjörður, Iceland
Cost: Total cost including food, accommodation and tuition = 545000 ISK

You can find link to application forms for both programs here:

- Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
The workshops in the program will cover a range of disciplines within both visual arts, sound and music, performance and more. Many are interdisciplinary and overlapping.

- Accommodation
All participants live at the school facilities in Seyðisfjörður. You will share a room with one other person throughout the program. We live together as in a commune and take care of the house together.

All food is included in the fee. Lunch and dinner in weekdays are provided by a restaurant in town while breakfast and weekend meals are shared responsibility with two people being in charge of it every week. 

- Studio/ workspace
There is 24/7 access to shared studios/workspaces in a few places in town. 

The two main facilities are a 200 sqm. studio in the local cultural center and a 1000 sqm. newly renovated factory space with both shared and individual studios.

- Fees and support
The total fee for the program is 545000 ISK which is roughly 4100 Euro. 

Included in this is all food, accommodation and tuition for the entire program.

- Expectations towards the artist
We expect that you are present and interested in contributing to the overall, collective situation and that you are interested in experimenting within various fields and mediums.

- Application information
The application process consist of both an application form and a Skype conversation. After filling out the application form you will be invited for a conversation shortly after.

There is limited spots at each program and we go by the principle of ‘first come, first served’. If you apply after the program is full, you will be offered a spot on the waiting list and/or at the next program.

Call for Applications - ´84´ - Fall 2019 and Winter/Spring 2020 at LungA School

Call for Applications - ´84´ - Fall 2019 and Winter/Spring 2020 at LungA School


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