Deadline: 20/05/2019

KAAYSA Residency | June Edition | 2019 | BRAZIL

OPEN CALL for Visual artists and writers WILD BODY , ENCHANTEMENT and COEXISTENCE.

Description of residency program
Kaaysá is a residency for artists and writers who wish to develop their poetics from  intimate contact with the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, the sea and community of fishermen, “caiçaras”and natives that inhabit their environment. We are an autonomous organization that contributes to artistic development through the construction of a creative and collaborative network.

Duration of residency
Kaaysá Residency is a 4-week program for a group of up to 12 residents, among artists and writers, selected by a committee.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
A multidisciplinary team is invited to participate and some activities are scheduled, for each specialty according to the themes or demands of the group . At night, the group gathers for collaborative dinners and on exchange of experiences, references and impressions.

Adequate space is provided for residents . There is plenty of room for focus and on-site production, in addition to all inputs in the breeding network.

Studio/ workspace

  • accommodation
  • schedule selected activities
  • creative process tracking
  • use of kitchen, laundry, pool and common areas
  • free internet access
  • bicycles
  • use of the collective or individual studio, carpentry, ceramic kiln and audio recording studio.
    • boat expedition to Gatos Island
    • trail to the waterfalls of Itú River
    • fishing experience with local fishermen
    • visit to the historical center of São Sebastião
    • expeditions in the atlantic rain forest with ecologist
    • visit to the Guaraní Indian community, conversation and ritual
    • trail to Brava beach
    • conversation with local caiçaras women
    • dialogues and exchange of references between residents
    • open atelier for collectors and invited curators
    • exhibition of works for the local public

Fees and support

US 1500 

Expectations towards the artist
Programs include experiences, expeditions, interdisciplinary exchanges, rituals, integrative practices, approaches to the local community and follow-up of projects by mediators. Residents are invited to leave their footprint, in order to provoke reflections, changes in the landscape and social counterparts.

Application information
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KAAYSA Residency | June Edition | 2019  |  BRAZIL

KAAYSA Residency | June Edition | 2019 | BRAZIL


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