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Midnight Sun residency - GilsfjordurArts

Imagine at art residency for 3 or 4 artists only in a former farmhouse in a silent fjord in Iceland.

Description of residency program 
At GilsfjordurArts we can host 3 or 4 artists at a time, (one of the three private rooms is a double for artist couples) in the old farm house in a remote fjord. We create a place for artists to live and work surrounded by inspiring and huge silent landscape and view down the fjord over meadows. We invite all kinds of visual artists and also literary artists or those needing time for research. Artists work at their own pace without any prescribed outcome. However, we will provide links to local community for presentations which is highly encouraged and free form.

Duration of residency (How long are artists staying in your residency?)
Midnight Sun residency, June 18 - July 12   (24 days)

Each artist will have a private bedroom in the shared farm house.  For this residency only the double room “REYNIR” is available (for one or two people). The living room, kitchen, and studio are all shared.

Fee for this residency is €900 for one €1200 for a couple

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance. 
We have hosted painters, fibre artists, video installation artists, walking artists, writers wishing to complete a work, and photographers, and artists who need to think, walk and plan. The draw for artists to come to Gilsfjordur is the vast natural landscape, silence and remoteness.  In a world where quiet has become a rare commodity, the lack of traffic or people is a gift. 

 The remoteness does mean that artists must plan and scale their projects to what materials they can bring to the location.

Studio/ workspace (Describe the studio or workspace the artist can use, is it private/shared?)
We have a large shared studio on the upper floor, with wooden floor, a beautiful wooden angled ceiling with windows and skylights for artists to make work as they will. The studio is reached by a short but steep stairway.  There is a utility sink in the ground floor laundry room.

Expectations towards the artist 
We provide visiting artists with a dedicated space and time to create in an environment of open inquiry and free from prescribed outcomes. We do encourage some communal interactions with nearby communities and will provide introductions for the potential of artist talks or presentations, this will be entirely voluntary and partially self directed. Artists will live and work on their own at the Brekka, without any staff present. Your contact, Gulla will meet and introduce you and arrange to take you to the distant town for stores. Planning your supplies ahead is important. (This residency is not for everyone, it’s an adventure in self sufficiency and planning is essential).

Application information 
Artists please fill in our simple online application discussing your plans for your time while staying at Gilsfjordur. Send an email with CV and links to images or your website.  The application fee is €25, an ad hoc committee reviews applications frequently. If accepted 1/3 of the fee will be required to hold your place. The balance to be paid 7 weeks out. Instructions for getting here follow the application.

Midnight Sun residency - GilsfjordurArts

Midnight Sun residency - GilsfjordurArts


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