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Nave Residency Program

We provide time, space and inspiring environment for making aimed towards a select group of artists.

Description of residency program
NAVE provides time, space and an inspiring environment for making aimed towards a select group of artist producing exceptional work.

This residency is directed towards contemporary thinkers and makers who demonstrate a critical engagement and inquiry towards their practice.

At NAVE we aim to provide a select group of contemporary artists with an exceptionally rich making-experience. To foster knowledge exchange between locals and visitors and to maintain a responsible and active engagement within the community we are part of. The residency is ultimately a haven for novel critical thought and a contemporary art/cultural platform. Our operation maintains an international projection -attuned- yet responsive and critical to the current ways of being of an increasingly globalized world. 

Duration of residency
1 month or 2 months. 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
We maintain contact with several local artisans that can assist you in fabrication processes and handmade work. See our Resident Handbook for more. Link available on website. 

Our Villa overlooks 9 acres of gardens, trails and plantations destined to the production of Gypsophilia flowers, ferns, and Jicama. The latest being the dominant produce. 

1657 ft2 - Exhibition Space

1689 ft2 - Studio Space 

We are located in Villa Juliana, Guayllabamba - Ecuador. 

From Kichwa Wayllapampa meaning 'green plain'; it's a sparsely populated valley just 29 Km away from Quito. Situated at 2140 mts. above sea level. Its dry/subtropical weather allowing for uninterrupted agricultural production since pre Incaic time. Throughout history its advantageous geographical location has been utilized as a strategic bottle neck entry from the northern highlands into Quito. First with Inca conquest campaigns against local tribes (Cochasquies, Caranquis, Cayambis); then with liberation campaigns in charge of Bolivar and Sucre against Spanish rule early in the 19th cent.  

1657 ft2 - Exhibition Space

1689 ft2 - Studio Space

Each accepted resident is provided with an individual studio and a private room. Each resident has access to all the facilities in our complex 24h/7. 

Fees and support
‚ú∑For inaugural Session we offer:

- (1) Fellowship - covers all expenses excluding transportation to the residency. 

- (1) Merit Scholarship - covers 50% of program expenses excluding transportation to the residency.  

- 1 Visiting Artist.

We provide 3 meals a day for our residents. 

Expectations towards the artist
We function within a 'self – run' model meaning every resident is responsible for the use of their own time. Although not mandatory we do encourage our residents to give a brief talk open to the general public either on their own work or any relevant topic. Group critiques, panels exhibitions and parties are to be organized to the discretion and consensus of the group. Exhibition and event promotion is handled by Nave under Nave/New Works platform. Visiting Artists and Studio.

Application information
Submit digital application via Submitable, link available on our website.


1) Completed Application Form 

2) CV

3) Link to website and/or portfolio attached: 10 images max (jpg. jpeg. or giff. 5MB max/ Video m4v. mov. Mp4 60MB max.)

4) Brief Statement (situate your work) 500 words max. 

Individual apps. required for duos & collectives. 

Nave Residency Program

Nave Residency Program


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