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Waiting for the future

Calling Now! You have the chance to intervene the public space in our multicultural city. Apply !

Waiting for the future is a transversal program that lasts one month. It connects cultural projects, cooperatives, municipal entities and NGOs in order to execute, design and plan urban interventions within the framework of Sector 04 residency program.
The objective is to intervene in three consecutive bus stops, which are located in one of the so-called "Green neighborhoods", in the city of Rosario. This is an important project for the city and the agents involved: it focuses on how design and innovation can represent an added value, highlighting, at the same time, the infrastructure of the city’s Urban Passenger Transport.

These interventions will consist on placing hydraulic mosaics and/or street furniture specifically designed for the bus stops belonging to Rosario’s Transport Secretariat (which has already authorized their intervention). For this project, two residents will be appointed. They will be in charge of the design of hydraulic mosaics and/or the necessary furniture for the site. They will participate in the first bus stop intervention. Besides, they will have to create two more designs for the remaining stops. This process will be documented step by step and the residents will be able to access to the entire work process remotely.

Transversality - Urban interventions
This project centers on the joint work between residents and different local agents, which will provide the necessary tools in the different stages of the process.

Anda Project
Within the framework of Waiting for the Future program, residents will have the opportunity to receive an intensive training seminar -in charge of Anda Project- regarding the potential of hydraulic mosaic. There they will learn about the semi-industrial origin of this flooring process in Europe and their subsequent development in Latin America, as well as their contemporary designs in industrial and artisanal elaboration. They will share experiences, projects and programs aimed at developing collective inventions with territorial impact. In the same seminar, they will build molds, and will be able to elaborate pieces of pigmented cement manually.

Planned visits:
  • Parada Oeste Productive Center Workshop: professional training program.
  • Mosaic workshop of Vicente Callaci: factory founded by Italians in 1900.
  • Building Villa Hortensia will be visited for the singularity of its floors.
  • Museum of the City, where cultural heritage related to hydraulic mosaic flooring in Rosario and the region is treasured.
Futuro Oeste Cooperative - hydraulic flooring and coating workshop
This cooperative is oriented towards public space transformation with hydraulic tiles. It originated as a result of Nueva Oportunidad social program, aimed at young people that belong to vulnerable population groups.

Workers in this cooperative will be in charge of manufacturing the hydraulic tiles designed by the residents, who will be able to participate in the manufacture if they wish.

11 de Octubre Foundation
This foundation coordinates a group of women trained in masonry. It tackles gender inequality by incorporating this women’s work into the program. Hence, they will install the flooring in the designated bus stops

Program announcement
Residency periods: September and October 2019

Open call for submissions from: 
  • Visual artists
  • Curators
  • Researchers
  • Journalists
  • Film makers, Activists
  • Change Makers,
Creatives inspired by urban movements, and activists concerned with sustainable technologies that find public space as a means for deep thinking about environmental protection and ecology, as well as civic and cultural education, social problems and cultural  policies. They must have an active role in the search for good practices and solutions for developing cities. 

We will also receive action plans that link the mentioned topics with the different lines ofwork to be developed in our space. 

Anda Proyect: [+
Dossier about the hidraulic tiles  - Spanish only [+
Futuro Oeste Cooperative: [+]

Sector04 is located in a first-floor apartment inside a complex in Refinería, a neighborhood in the city of Rosario [see details]

The apartment has a room in which there is a double bed and a living room where, in addition to the work space and kitchen, there is a single sofa bed. The residence can hold up to two participants per edition.

In the same complex Gabelich Contemporáneo Art Gallery is located.

The stay Includes:
  • Lodging for 30 days.

  • Fully furnished apartment, with everything you need to reside without any setbacks (utensils, small appliances, and a refrigerator)

  • Sheets and towels

  • Prepaid phone chip

  • Free wifi

  • Public transport card (for public buses and public bicycles).

  • A coordinator for personal assistance purposes. 

  • Intensive training seminar

    The above mentioned planned visits
  • A process review carried out by important figures of the local and Buenos Aires artistic field 

  • Connections with local museums and universities

  • A personal accident insurance during artists’ stay in the residence.

  • Coffee, tea and yerba mate for breakfast

The stay does not include
  • International transport expenses (air, land and sea tickets) and visa costs, in case there is any

  • Visa management, if required

  • National interurban transport expenses

  • Medical expenses (it is recommended to hire an international insurance such as travel assist prior to the trip).

  • Food and beverages

  • Production budget

The pilot editions - during the year 2019 - will cost 1200 US dollar per participant (a maximum of two participants per season will be admitted).

The following editions will cost  1500 US dollar per participant.

Groups  can be presented (with a maximum group of two persons) without modifying the individual price of the residence.

Fees will be paid in the following way:
Thirty (30) percent at the time of admission. The rest will be paid upon arrival at the Residency.

If contingencies should occur, a rescheduling of the Residency will take place. Sector 04 should contact the artist/s to combine a rescheduling that respects the agendas of the interested parties.

After admission, Sector 04 will send a letter of agreement to the artists selected by the Residency curatorial group. It must be signed and sent to the organization within a period of no more than 15 calendar days, together with the deposit receipt.

If this procedure is not carried out in a timely manner, the organization may revoke said invitation proceeding to the selection of another candidate.

Apply to this program:
If you would like to be taken into consideration for this proposal, you can send an email with the subject Waiting for the Future to

Please attach:
  • A short curriculum. It is very important to include your previous works or a link to your artist's website -if you have one.
  • A letter of personal motivation.
  • Signed and scanned form with the acceptance of terms and conditions.

Waiting for the future

Waiting for the future


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