Deadline: 10/06/2019

ÖRES Call for Applications 2019

Free 1-2 month residency opportunities on a former fortress island in the Archipelago National Park.

Description of residency program
Örö Residency Programme
 offers artists and researchers a chance to work in a unique natural environment. The facilities are located on Örö, a former military fortress island in the Finnish Archipelago National Park.

Duration of residency
We are now granting residency periods of either one or two months, available from October 2019 to August 2020.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Our main focus is visual artists working in experimental fields of art, art-science collaborations and interdisciplinary art projects. We also encourage researchers in humanistic and social sciences with an interdisciplinary approach to apply. Organizations and projects in the fields of art, culture and research are also eligible to apply.

Accommodation is provided in two apartments which are either shared (with private rooms) or one apartment per applicant, depending on availability and the artists’ needs.  One apartment can accommodate 1-4 adults or a family comfortably. Taking along your peer, partner or family is allowed and even encouraged.

Studio/ workspace
The apartments function as combined studio/living spaces and are equipped with basic necessities, furniture and tools for you to use. Note that the apartments are not suitable for large-scale sculpturing/painting or other potentially messy work methods. Additional rough working space may be arranged by request, but these are unheated and thus not suitable for winter months.

Fees and support
The accommodation, use of tools etc is free of charge. Travel costs, materials, food and other expenses must be covered by the artists themselves.

Expectations towards the artist
We do not expect you to realize a complete project during the residency period. You may also use the residency as a catalyst for futher work or to concentrate in some vital phase in your ongoing projects. After your residency period you are required to write a short report of your experience. In addition you have the option to participate in our summer exhibitions or other exhibition and meeting opportunities we might arrange.

Application information
Please browse through our Application Page and our Visitor's Guide to familiarize yourself with the programme and the location. To apply, fill our online application form and mail us the required attachments (CV and Work Plan for most applicants).

We will process the applications in June and July. The results will be announced in the beginning of August. All applicants will be informed of the results by e-mail.

ÖRES Call for Applications 2019

ÖRES Call for Applications 2019


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