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Operation Eco-Truth --Call for Filmmakers-- 50-100% Scholarship for Accommodation in Costa Rica in 2020

Filmmaker(s) will receive a scholarship to create a magical film inspiring...

Operation Eco-Truth --Call for Filmmakers--

50-100% Scholarship for Accommodation in Costa Rica in 2020

We offer reduced rate or complementary housing to filmmaker(s) composing an investigative, creative story about the incongruent effects of mass ecotourism.

We offer residency to filmmaker(s) who are willing to investigate the controversial aspects of ecotourism. In recent years, ecotourism has become popular as a way for the traveler to believe their journeys protect endangered natural areas and their wildlife—and in some cases they do, with consequences. Yet, many regions are seeing increased risk to mammal/ insect/ reptile/ aquatic life extinctions, more trash and a general disregard for the effects of tourism on local cultures. Rather than discourage the positive effects of ecotourism, we are looking for artists who are willing to investigate the ‘dark-side’ of behaviors associated with the delusional/hypocritical side of ecotourism.

Many travelers believe that traveling to photograph a monkey or an anteater will inevitably save them from harm.  However, like the Koala bears of Australia (not on a dangerous path of extinction), many mammals are dangerously stressed and flailing from expansion of businesses that do not support the basis for ecotourism. In many cases, the sinister side of unmonitored ecotourism, visitors actually leave harm in their wake, by increased development, lack of responsibility/accountability and leaving some regions ‘loved to death’. For example, while divers explore coral reefs, they continue to die off due to increased toxic runoffs (agriculture/ additional sewage from tourists) as well as effects from sudden dramatic climate change events.

Our Center is located between two of the most pristine habitats on Earth, yet, are succumbing to the pressures of building and population expansion. The vital habitats of Parque Amistad and Parque Corcovado are at risk to unruly growth with new airports, marinas, hydroelectric dams, and furthering mono-crop agricultural development (palm oil, pineapples, etc.) It is important that travelers know the truth of their impact with modern travel on the planet and thereby increase awareness and participation, i.e., volunteering for a time period on their journey.

Carbon footprint of air travel is dreadful and threatens the very wildlife the traveler is striving to save from harm. We believe that the arts can help educate, and change hearts on the importance of conscious and empathic travel in the world. First, it is important to examine the contrasting outcomes by tracking ecotourism to the core.

We will award a filmmaker(s) with a scholarship for 2 weeks to 3 months (longer on approval) residency in exchange for a magical story that inspires the world to consider how to travel with greater empathic participation. The film can be creative, imaginative, theatrical or journalistic, yet it is hoped the piece will inspire governments and travel organizations to integrate sounder safeguards and also to encourage ecotourism visitors to participate in projects, such as reforestation, beach cleanup, etc. while traveling.  

We welcome all types of film experience and ideas. We understand that the work may be flushed out differently or even changed while at the Center. Therefore, we seek to hear your inspiration on why this project appeals to your compassion. When sending your proposal, please include any past works that exemplifies your ability to inspire and influence with your films. We encourage you to find ways to share the film that you create while at our center and will promote your works through our various websites and Facebook/Instagram and show the film in Costa Rica.  Please consider translation of your works into Spanish (not necessary, yet helpful).

Send resume, references, and time-frame/season of residency requirements from 2 weeks to 3 months. re: Mission Jaguar

Please send proposals by December 31, 2019 for residency from January 2020 into the year.

Residency program
Our Center is wildly unique; it combines ecology, community, mutual cooperation and the arts at a fantastic location within remarkable facilities. We aim to change the relationship of the arts (moving beyond art as strictly commodity or objectification) towards a way to balance the dire situation on the planet, by providing promising interaction between communities and artists that benefit and heal the natural ecosphere.

Accommodations/workshop/studio space
We provide rustic, comfortable, imaginative habitats for artists to create and imagine easily with their muse. Lodging is located in a hilly environment with access to group kitchen. We have 5-shared bathrooms. From private/shared cabins to lofts, or dorm rooms, we have a place that is right for all types of artists. Housing is shared only on agreement and is private unless otherwise stated.

The cabins are suitable for live/work space, and we have separate workshops available for construction/clay/wood working, etc. Dance, theatre can be held in the common building, our dance tower, outdoor amphitheater, or our elevated tree platform. Film/Photography is possible anywhere. Writing can be facilitated in a number of spaces that include our screened in Kiosk (also for photography).

Fees and Support
Awarded artist will receive a cabin free-of-charge for the duration of the agreed stay from 2 weeks to 3 months (up to $3000 value per person). Artists will be responsible for travel and food.

***note: Artists may also work on personal, individual projects during their stay as long as the film proposal is completed.

Operation Eco-Truth  --Call for Filmmakers--  50-100% Scholarship for Accommodation in Costa Rica in 2020

Operation Eco-Truth --Call for Filmmakers-- 50-100% Scholarship for Accommodation in Costa Rica in 2020

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