Deadline: 16/09/2019

Recycling Objects

Found Art in Rural Mexico.

Fees include meals & Shuttle from Airport/Anima – Anima/Airport

Curated by Xilote Ibarra  (Mexico)

The context of this residency is the recollection of found objects that are no longer being used, based on those same objects, composition of the artwork will be made, as the main thematic focus is recycling. The creative process is not to know how many final pieces will be made, or the technique used to transform those found objects, shaping the final piece.

The recollection of materials in the area will be the first step, then the selection of particular structures and objects that catch your eye. Creative process will be supported and facilitated as a workshop by Xilote Ibarra. Workshops will be promote and reenforce the collective learning as creative process.

Cost: $715 USD.

Students & Latin-American citizens $585 USD

Private and Shared: Fees include meals, materials & shuttle from GDL/Anima – Anima/Aiport

Studio/ workspace

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Expectations towards the artist
Artists are encouraged to donate a piece made on-site to the ANIMA archive or create a piece that will be exhibited in the annual Anima art exhibition.

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Recycling Objects

Recycling Objects


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